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Gianna was driving Rex crazy the entire day. He had felt his confidence return, but every now and then, she would sweep him off his feet, metaphorically and eventually literally. He felt his goofy side come out as they rolled around in the grapes, touching her body and feeling her fresh fragrance take him over.

It was a feeling of being reborn again. She was cute and sexy, funny and intelligent, and often caught him off guard. Seeing her giggle in that grape pit made him feel more alive than he probably ever had.

He really, desperately hoped that she would be his fated mate.

When he was able to see her full, naked form, his need for her was overpowering. It wasn’t a need to satisfy himself, though. He wanted to feel her tremble beneath his touch, to have the sounds of her pleasure shoot through the walls and shatter the windows.

After she whispered into his ear, Rex felt like an animal unleashed. He pushed her gently against the wall of the shower stall and fell to his knees.

She smiled at him, though she appeared bewildered. He looked up at her the way one would look up at a goddess with great gratitude and overflowing admiration.

“I want to taste you,” he whispered. “I want to make you feel good all over.”

Rex watched as Gianna’s breath intensified, her stunning blue eyes glistening under the water stream. She leaned back farther and parted her legs for him, placing one leg on the side of the tub. He could smell her arousal already, the tasty fragrance of apple blossoms.

Rex crawled toward her pulsing hub like it was the center of the sun. She was already dripping with anticipation, her scent growing thicker and denser the closer he got. He stopped just as he could feel her heat like a warm sea breeze brushing up against his face.

Rex looked up at Gianna again, her arms braced against the wall and her bountiful breasts heaving with anticipation. He wanted to be the reason she felt good, every single reason why she could look at herself in the mirror and feel instant gratification.

Rex opened his mouth like he was ready to consume his prey. He felt his tiger within come out a little, his lips curling over his teeth and releasing a low rumbling snarl. It made the tiny hairs on Gianna’s pubis stand up, shivering with a delicious anticipatory delight.

He would let her suffer no longer. His tongue slithered from his mouth and approached her swelling center, touching the bottom of her folds and sliding upward to rest upon her precious pearl.

The sigh she released was positively euphoric.

“Fuck, Rex!” she exclaimed.

Rex growled between her legs, then he began intermittently sucking and lapping up her tasty sweetness. He had gone down on many women in his lifetime, but he never remembered it being this enjoyable. He wanted to make every inch of her body glow and perhaps even send her to the edge of complete transcendence.

A man can dream, couldn’t he?

“Oh, fuck,” Gianna said.

He continued moving between rubbing her clit with his tongue and sending vibrations through her soft petals with his lips. She rocked against him in jittery movements with her eyes squeezed shut.

Eventually, he brought a finger or two into the equation, inserting himself inside her. Her cave was soaking wet as he slid in and out, sucking at her engorged jewel. Gianna’s hips bucked back and forth so hard that he felt like he was attempting to tame a bull.

She was not anything he ever wanted to tame. He wanted her wild, ferocious, genuine self.

“Fuck, Rex!” she bellowed as her movements grew more and more unhinged.

Rex pumped up the pace, feeling like she was on the edge of exploding. She moaned in high-pitched tones that echoed inside the tiny bathroom. The wet smacking of her skin against his face added ambiguity to their bodily orchestra.

Gianna let out a long cry of pleasure that reached its crescendo with a quiet wince. She moved her hips in circles as he slowly rode the wave of her climax with his fingers, tongue, and face.

Eventually, her movements stopped, her breath easing into a soft exhale. Rex released himself from between her legs, feeling covered in her residue, his body riveted by mutual rapture.

Gianna fell into his arms as he stood, resting against his chest. He smiled to himself, feeling her deep breaths moving gently through her. The water pattered against their skin as he ran the tips of his fingers up and down her back.

She shook as she raised her head, her lips lingering over his. He wondered if she could smell herself in his mouth.

“That was …” Gianna began, her eyes swirling with pleasant ease, “incredible.”

Rex continued to smile as he traced his lips along with hers, lingering his breath over her parted mouth. He plummeted into her as she wrapped her arms around him, savagely pushing his tongue into her mouth and absorbing her every flavor.

Rex had never felt this passionate about anyone. His entire body was buzzing not only with arousal but also attraction and urgency to take in every single part of her.

Rex reached behind her and turned off the faucet. Gianna stood there, looking slightly dumbfounded as the daze of her orgasm sank into her. He dipped an arm under her legs and lifted her in a single motion, making her gasp and then giggle.

He carried her, soaking wet, to the bed of her hotel room. He placed her down softly and climbed on top of her, not wanting to miss a single moment of indulgence.

Gianna ran her hands through his hair and continued their frenzied make-out session. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pinning his cock against her thighs, the tip touching her sensitive opening.

“Baby,” she whispered after pulling away slightly, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Rex bit his lip, feeling like he could have easily torn through his skin with how aroused he was. He trailed his mouth down her body again, then back up. Her body was wriggling with impatience as he rested his chin on her breasts.

“Can you go on top? I want to make you feel even better than earlier,” Rex said with a snarl resting in his throat.

Gianna’s eyes lit up, then she rolled away, making space for him on the bed. He lay down, and she instantly backed away, admiring the size of his cock with her hands.

He felt like he could easily die a happy man when she touched him. Her hands were so powerful and sexy. She stared at it, then began straddling him with confidence that could have made him instantly burst.

He wanted to feel her tremble while he was inside of her. He wanted her to feel so overwhelmed with carnal ecstasy that she would forget anything that ever hindered her mind, forever.

Rex held her hips as she slid him into her warm wetness. Her mouth hung open as she nestled on top of him, easing onto his size with gasps and moans.

“My god, Rex,” she whispered. “You’re so fucking hard. I love it.”

Rex pulled her into him, ravishing her mouth again and gripping her perfectly plump ass. He didn’t want to hurt her with his size. He knew he was beyond average, which was often the case with shifters. But she was able to take him completely, shifting her hips up and down slowly while pressing her breasts into his chest.

Rex felt like he was in a dream. A luscious goddess was on top of him, riding him without hesitation, and he had two free hands to wander and explore all of her succulent real estate. He squeezed her ass again as she moved up and down, making her cry out loud with intense satisfaction.

Rex helped her sit up slightly, then took her breasts into his hands. They were giant and round and directly in his face. He teased her with a swirl of his tongue around her areola, then went in deep, sucking at her nipples as she cringed on top of him.

“Oh, Rex,” she muttered. “You’re going to kill me.”

He grinned devilishly as he slurped at her erect tit, moving between them both, so they were properly lubricated. Eventually, he squished them together and began sucking at her nipples simultaneously, which sent her head backward in a scream of pleasure.


She was grinding against him hard. He stroked himself in and out of her at her pace, attempting to stimulate three erogenous zones at once. It didn’t take her long to begin shaking again, the quiver moving up from her toes to her thighs and imploding deep inside her.

“FUCK!” she howled into the ether.

Rex picked up the pace of his stroking, feeling her wetness rubbing against his pelvis and the hard pinpoint of her nipples inside his mouth. He felt like he was a conductor, playing her every note and electrifying her with every proper beat.

Rex himself felt like he was nearing the final act of their fucking as she collapsed on top of him, her orgasm dancing through her spine, moaning his name over and over again into his ear. He closed his eyes as stars burst in front of him, neon colors streaking into a raven-colored sky.

“Oh, Gianna,” he whispered into her ear.

He felt himself spilling into her as she held his head. She sank some of her teeth into his neck as he came, making his eyes roll into the back of his head. It was like she sensed something in him that was beyond human and wanted to show off her animalistic side to him.

The two lovers rocked back and forth as their climaxes peaked and fell, almost at the same time. Gianna lay on top of him, breathing hard, repeating his name and cursing in her stupor.

“Sweet Jesus,” she said.

Rex was blinking hard, relaxation washing over him, when he lifted a single hand and lightly spanked her bare bottom. She somehow managed a moan and quiver in response to it.

“Don’t say the Lord’s name in vain,” he quipped.

Gianna lifted her head and gave him a smirk. Even in his dazed state, it still managed to make him feel like his insides were glowing.

“I don’t think the Lord is here to see this,” Gianna said.

She kissed his neck, then rolled away from him. They lay next to each other, holding hands as they breathed hard. Rex didn’t know what was sweat, water, or their shared juices as he felt the dampness beneath him, soaking the bed.

“So much for that shower,” Gianna said.

Rex gazed over at her glistening body, noticing the light stains of bruised purple and dark blue that remained upon her skin. He then assessed himself, realizing that they hadn’t picked up the soap once.

Rex grunted as he rolled onto his side. He reached out a hand and pushed a few stray hairs which had fallen into her eyes.

“I will make sure I give them a big tip,” Rex said softly.

Gianna pulled herself into him and snuggled into his chest. Neither would get up and wash just yet, as their bodies and minds needed rest from the rush of stimulation they had given each other.

Rex had never felt so comfortable with a woman so fast. That glow inside of him radiated as he fell asleep with her breathing lightly just over the sound of his drumming heart.

Rex was suddenly standing in the aisle of a plane, leaning over to talk to a man whose face he didn’t recognize. Seatbelt lights pulsed red like the oncoming swirl of a siren.

“Please return to your seats!” a stewardess hollered.

Rex felt the alarm in her voice, so he sat and strapped himself in.

A faceless woman turned to him from a few rows ahead. Rex watched in horror as the woman spoke without a mouth, in a shrill voice that would haunt him for eternity.


Oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. Rex grabbed onto his frantically and tried to help his seatmate. But the seatmate had vanished. It was just him and the faceless person, plummeting toward Earth.


Rex covered his ears, but it would not block out the shock of the woman’s tone. He tried to close his eyes, to calm himself as the plane hurtled toward the ground in a frenzy of dreadful sounds and colors of death.



Rex sat up in bed, his heart rate going through the roof. He realized slowly where he was and turned to see Gianna lying there, still naked, staring at him in fright.

“Are you okay?” she asked hesitantly.

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