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“That will cost you.” The words slip out, and then I gasp when he manages to flip us somehow. We’re on my tiny dorm room bed, but of course Asher figures it out and pins me beneath him.

“What’s it cost to do something to you?” He leans down, brushing his mouth against mine. I nip his bottom lip, and a low, deep growl rumbles from him as his hips surge forward. His cock grinds into my clit, and he feels so damn good over me. Even his weight on top of my body is right.

“What do you want to do to me?” I claw the bedspread, needing something to cling to because my clit is starting to throb. Why does this turn me on so badly? My whole body hums with need.

“That get you off? Selling yourself?” I close my eyes at the intensity of the question. “Look at me,” Asher snaps. The authority in his voice has me doing as he commands. My heart gives an excited flutter. “Don’t be shy with me. I get off on thinking about buying your pussy.” His hand slips between us, and he cups my sex over my jean shorts. I’m so wet I’m sure he can feel it even through the material.

“Asher!” I hiss in surprise.

“Don’t know what it is about you.” His mouth travels down my jaw. “But I want to own your body. Take care of you.” His mouth keeps moving up to my neck and then to my ear. “How much for a taste of your cunt? A thousand?” My sex spasms.

“Yes!” I half shout. He could have said a freaking penny and I would have agreed. I need his mouth on me now.

The second I answer him, my shorts and fishnets are down my legs and tossed away. “Naked.” He barks the order out as he moves down the bed. I pull my top off, leaving me bare on the bed under him. “You’re soaked,” I hear him say. “Fuck, you smell good.” He breathes in loudly.

“Asher.” I cover my face with my hands.

“Get those hands down. You’re going to watch what I do to this pussy. It’s mine now. Bought and paid for.” I gasp when he gives my sex a light smack, and I fight not to cum right on the spot. He leans down, and his nose brushes my clit as he takes another deep breath. “I’d wear the smell of your pussy every day if you bottled and sold it.”

I can’t with this mouth of his. You’d never know he speaks this way. I have a feeling, or maybe it’s a hope, that he only does it with me. His tongue comes out, and he takes one long lick. My hips buck off the bed, but his arm comes down, pinning me to the mattress.

“It hurts,” I plead.

“When haven’t I taken care of you, baby?”

“You do.” I nod because he’s right.

“I’ve got you.” He leans down again, and his tongue circles my clit this time. Back and forth his tongue goes as he gets me close and then pulls back. How can I love something that is driving me crazy? “I want more,” he says.

“You can have it.” He smiles against my sex. He’s been working me up for this.

“I’ll give you double to mark you.”

“Okay,” I blurt out in agreement. I don’t even know what it means, but yes. Yes to all of it.

“Such a good girl,” he says before he sucks my clit into his mouth. He takes long pulls as he flicks it back and forth, and there’s no more teasing. The orgasm hits me hard, and I start to scream, but he reaches his hand up and covers my mouth.

He doesn’t stop.

He sucks harder, his tongue moving quicker, then one orgasm rolls into another. His hand never moves from my mouth as I scream out my pleasure into his palm. When the third hits, black spots dance in my eyes, and his mouth releases me.

He sits up, and it’s a fight to keep my eyes open. My body can’t even move, and I’m boneless. When he pulls his hard cock out from his pants, I watch as he only strokes it twice before he’s cumming all over my stomach and sex.

He drops down over me, rubbing the head of his cock against my skin as his hand keeps pumping his cock. He uses the head to rub the cum into my skin and then drag it down the folds of my sex before pushing the head inside just a bit.

Somehow I know he’s not going to thrust all the way in, but he does, however, start to cum again. His warmth spills inside of me, marking every inch.

My virginity, from the glint in his eyes, already belongs to him.

No matter the cost.

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