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Fine, I guess I’ll run him over with my car later.

“Friend of yours?” I ask, scowling at his back.

“Lab partner,” she sniffs.

It’s then I remember that she’s upset, and I take the seat next to her. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, just a tough class today, and I missed an assignment.” She shrugs and tries to laugh it off, but I see the hurt and worry creasing her eyes. “It’s fine, I just messed up. I can’t believe I forgot.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” I reach out and place my hand on the back of her neck and pull her gently toward me. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

She tucks her head into the crook of my neck and then the rest of her soft body leans against my side.

“I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately, and I guess this slipped through the cracks. My lab partner was telling me it’s okay, but it affects his grade too.” She sighs and then sniffs. “I suck.”

“No.” I stop that train of thought and shake my head. “You don’t suck, Lexi. You’re incredible, and you try and take on so much.” I brush her hair out of her face and kiss her forehead. “What can I do to help?”

She lets out a humorless laugh. “Take me to lunch?”

“I was going to do that anyway,” I tell her as I touch the bottom of her chin so she tilts her head back. Gently, I graze my lips over hers and sigh in contentment. “Let me help you, little rabbit.”

“This hug is making me feel better already.”

“Imagine what my mouth could do,” I tease, and her cheeks flush. “Come on, let me feed you and then walk you back to your dorm. You need a cuddle and a nap.”

Chapter Eleven


I moan as I rock my hips forward and search for the friction I need. My mind is fuzzy, but I know I don’t want this pleasure to stop. I roll them again until my clit hits just the right spot.

“Baby girl.” The words are whispered against my ear, and my eyes fly open as I jerk my head up. Asher lies beneath me, and his normally styled hair is a ruffled mess. Damn, it's hot that way.

He’s here. I was so surprised when he showed up today. My day had been shit, and there he’d been. He was true to his word that he’d see me today. Every time I doubt him, he proves me wrong. I need to trust what he shows me.

“What did you call me?” I ask as I wake fully.


A weird rush of emotions rolls through me. Daddy calls me baby girl. Oh god, did I really call him “Daddy” in my head? I push the random texter out of my mind because now is so not the time. I’m with Asher.

I grind myself down on him again, realizing quickly what I’d been doing in my sleep. At some point I’d crawled on top of him and started dry humping his body during my nap.

Asher’s hands on my hips flex, and I feel his fingers digging into me. “I’m humping you.” As soon as the words leave my lips, I tuck my face back into his neck to hide. Did I really blurt that out? What is wrong with me? “Sorry,” I mumble against his neck.

I’m terrible at this dating and flirting thing. How did I ever think I could be sexy online? The times I’m supposed to send sexy pictures, I send normal ones. Now I’m humping people in my sleep and blurting out stupid shit.

Asher’s body starts to shake, and I slowly lift my head to see he’s fighting not to laugh at me. With each jerk of his body, his cock pushes against my clit. I fight not to moan because I've already embarrassed myself enough. I attacked him in my sleep already, so I don’t need to make it worse.

I start to move, but his grip on my hips tightens, letting me know I’m not going anywhere. He instantly stops laughing, and his voice is so deep. “Where do you think you’re going, baby?”

Baby, not baby girl. How terrible is it that both of these men are getting to me? My whole life no one has sparked my attention, and now I have two men I’m becoming very enthralled with. My body is waking up to both of them in different ways. One thing they do seem to have in common, though, is that they enjoy taking care of me.

“You want me to keep going?” I ask as I lick my lips.

He’d stopped me by grabbing my hips when I was half asleep before. Then he whispered into my ear. It’s part why I’d woken up to begin with when I’d been between reality and dream world.

“You can do anything you want to me. I just want to make sure you’re fully awake for it.”

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