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I order a coffee at the little shop close to my dorm room and debate if I should ask her about Asher. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. I’d even dreamt about him last night, and I’d never had a dirty dream before. He was my first, but too bad I’d woken up right before I was about to climax. I tried to take matters into my own hands but failed. That was also a first for me. I might be a virgin, but I know how to handle my own pleasure when the need arises. But now my vagina is no longer satisfied with my hand or my little massage toy. I guess she’s over me and now she only wants Asher.

I really don’t know anything about him beyond that he lives next door to Samuel and is the hottest man I’ve ever seen. The two of them seemed really close, and I’d even spotted him talking and hanging around Samuel’s parents.

Me: Did you need anyone to check in on your place? Water some plants or something?

The text is lame, but it’s the only thing I can think that might lead into conversation about Asher. Logically he’d be the one to check in for them.

Parker: There are no plants in that house. When I get back, I’m going to need to liven the place up.

Damn it. That didn’t go as planned, but she really does need to put her touch on things. While it’s really nice, it also looks like a staged home with no personal items.

Parker: Plus, Asher is next door.

“Yes!” I shout and everyone in the coffee shop turns my way at my outburst. I duck my head, hating the attention but glad that my plan worked.

Me: He and Samuel seem close.

Parker: They’re brothers.

Me: How the hell did I miss that?!

Parker: Stepbrothers. Samuel’s father married Asher’s mom when they were in middle school. Their parents are so cute together.

Samuel’s mom was a sweetheart. Well, I guess his stepmom. I hadn’t realized that. She fawned all over Parker too. Parker soaked it up, and I loved seeing her get the attention she deserved.

“Lexi.” One of the baristas calls my name and places my coffee down in the pick-up area. I go to snag it and almost run right into someone.

“Fuck,” Liam grumbles before jumping back to create space between him and me.

He’s healed up pretty good except for that bump in his nose. It was the result of Samuel’s fist connecting with it. Liam grabs his coffee and bolts out of the coffee shop without another word. I fight a laugh as I grab my own coffee and head out.

I check the time and realize I’m supposed to be online in ten minutes. I always keep times up for when I’m going to play since a lot of people prefer to watch live. As I make my way across campus in my sweats with my hair piled on top of my head, I notice no one spares me a glance. I wonder if Asher would have paid me any attention if I hadn’t been all dolled up at the wedding. Probably not, and the thought stings.

The same shit had happened to Parker. When it got out that she was a virgin, men around campus were all trying to get at her. Liam was one of those men, and it was nuts.

It’s something I’ve been asked a lot. When I play online, people can ask questions in the chat. Sometimes I’ll get a few trolls who I can kick out, but they still have a chance to say what they want for all to see before I hit that ban button. Sometimes I’ll miss them altogether until after it’s already up. It’s hard to play and keep up with the chat stream consistently. Normally the more perverted questions come straight to my inbox, and I’ve gotten asked a lot of strange things.

Not going to lie, I was really tempted when I once got asked for a picture of my feet. He’d told me he’d send me a hundred bucks, and it blew my mind. I could feed myself off a hundred bucks for a month.

I scan my key to get into my building and stop at my box to grab my mail before heading up to my floor. Campus and the dorms are pretty dead since we have a small gap before the next semester of classes starts back up.

When I enter my room, I drop my mail and coffee on my desk before ditching my hoodie with the name of my university on it. I try to keep my location as hidden as possible. I’m sure some who watch my feed have figured it out, but I’m not posting it for all to see. Or making it easy for them.

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