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“You’re a sweetheart,” Aunt Belinda says, patting me on the cheek. “When are you going to have some babies? I’m not getting any younger.”

I’m pretty sure she’s ninety-seven years old, but I’m not about to correct her. “I’m just waiting for someone to put up with me,” I tease, and in the distance, I see a flash of dark hair getting into the back of a taxi. “Shit.”

“With a mouth like that, it’s no wonder you can’t find a wife,” Aunt Belinda chides as she gets in the back seat and I put the centerpiece in the trunk.

By the time I’m free, the taxi is long gone, and I’ve lost her. All hope isn’t lost because I’m sure all I have to do is get Parker or Sam to give me her number. It’s been so long since I’ve had a woman that I just need one good night to get it out of my system. That has to be what I’m feeling right now, because I couldn’t possibly have fallen in love with just one look. Right?

There’s a roar of cheers behind me, and I turn around in time to see sparklers going off and people throwing bird seed as Parker and Sam go running to the limo waiting out front.

“What the fuck?” I throw my hands up, thinking somehow everyone but me is ditching this wedding.

“Did your brother not say goodbye?” My mom walks over, eating what is probably her third or fourth piece of cake.

“No, the bastard.”

“He’s just ready to start his honeymoon.” She grins at me, and I roll my eyes. “Leave them be. They’re working on making me a grandma.”

“Yeah, well, I’m working on blue balls,” I mumble so low she can’t hear me.

“Did you get to meet Parker's friend Lexi?” My mom is already on her way back inside before I grab her arm and stop her.

“Tell me everything you know.”

“Well, not much. Something about gaming.”

Chapter Three


I swipe through the photos Parker texted me, and I’m a bit surprised there are actually a few outside. I was sure Samuel would have her trapped in the hotel room the whole time. Those two are always all over each other. My eyes almost fall out of my head when I get a peek at the private plane. No way she’s not in the mile high club by now. My girl went from a virgin to nympho, so it really wasn’t a shock at how quickly he knocked her up.

In each picture, there’s no missing the love in both their eyes. My heart starts to ache wanting to know what that feels like. A love that deep is something I’ve never had. Sure, I love Parker, but I think the love you have for your partner and children is something else altogether. I’ve never even experienced the love one has for their own parents.

I might be crazy, but I swear even back when I was only a little girl, I recall this empty space in my chest always longing to be filled by something. As I grew older, I started to understand what that was. Parker was able to fill it some, but the hole is there, and lately, the ache is more noticeable.

Parker has only been gone a few days, and I already miss her like crazy. I hadn’t realized how much I leaned on her until she wasn’t there. My dorm room is getting lonelier by the day now that the excitement of having my own space has faded. I should get a social life or something, but the idea makes me cringe.

I fire a text back to her.

Me: I’m not jelly at all.

She hits me back with a text in seconds.

Parker: I’ll send a plane for you.

Me: You’re a nut! I’m not coming on your honeymoon.

I know for a fact she is not joking one bit, and as much as Samuel wants his new wife all to himself right now, he’d do it to make her happy. I love her so dang much. I didn’t know there were people as sweet as her out in the world.

As jealous as I might get of Samuel taking her from me, I’m glad she found someone that can protect that sweetness. Even with what her father put her through, he was never able to take that from her. It’s simply who she is at the core.

Parker: Well, the next trip you’re coming. I’d say a girls trip but I don’t think Samuel would be down with that.

Me: He’d be in the hotel room next door like a stalking bodyguard.

Parker: LOL! This is true but I still want a few beach days. It’s the least Samuel can give me after shutting down all plans for a bachelorette party.

I snort a laugh. I’ll never forget his face when I started spouting off my plans for Parker's bachelorette party. I was totally making shit up to see his reaction, and as I thought it would be, it was priceless.

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