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* * *

Two years later…

* * *

“I don’t want to sell it,” Mila’s patron, Peggy, says as she clutches the painting protectively. “It’s my favorite piece in my collection.”

I take a deep breath as I wonder what to do. I’m not leaving here without that painting. It’s my girl’s birthday and I know how much this painting means to Mila. I want to bring it home and give it to her.

But this rich old lady won’t take her greedy hands off it.

“What can I do to take it off your hands?” I ask in a calm pleasant voice.

She shakes her head fiercely. “It’s never going to happen. I love this painting. Look at the details in your eyes… magnificent. And the beautiful cock hanging low between your legs. I’ve never seen one so large. It’s the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. You’re looking past the canvas, staring at the viewer as if they are the sexiest creature you’ve ever laid eyes on.”

That’s exactly what I was doing. I was staring at my Mila like I wanted to devour her. I couldn’t believe that someone so perfect actually existed. That’s how talented my pretty little Picasso is. She captured the essence of what I was feeling perfectly.

“It’s Mila’s birthday,” I tell her. “I know this painting means a lot to her as well.”

“Not as much as it means to me,” she says, clutching it protectively. “She has the real thing. What could she possibly want with a pale imitation?”

I guess she’s kind of right.

She doesn’t need the painting. She has me. She has the real thing and I’d be more than thrilled to pose nude for her whenever she desires.

“You won’t sell it?”

“No,” she says with a fierce shake of her head. “I’ll leave it to her in my will. It’s the most I’m willing to do.”

I smile as I look at it one last time. I guess I’ll have to wait another few years before I can give it to my wife as a gift. Maybe enough time will have passed and I’ll have grown much older that it will be that much more special to her. Plus, this lady looks like she’s in her eighties already. I’ll have to wait twenty years at the most.

“Alright,” I tell Peggy. “That sounds like a deal.”

Her eyebrow raises as she looks at me with a creepy stare. “Before you go…”


“Would you be willing to show me the live version?”

“You want me to get naked?”

Her cheeks start to blush but she’s got an excited pervy smile on her face. “I’d like to see the real thing in the flesh. Art is at best an imitation. I’ve been longing to see the real thing.”

“Not going to happen,” I say, shutting her down. “That’s property of Mila Hensley Hunt. She’s the only one who gets to see the real thing.”

I leave her place, stop at the mall, buy my sweet girl a trunkful of presents, and then come home.

My heart is starting to get that familiar ache I always get when I’ve gone hours without seeing my girl.

“Mila!” I holler when I walk into our house.

She comes running with the baby in her arms. “What is it?”

The ache in my chest goes away when I see her stunning face. Seeing her as a mother is even more of a turn-on. She’s so damn strong. I’m so lucky to have her.

“I just needed to see you, baby,” I say as I step in and kiss her lips. Our little baby, Kate, giggles when I kiss her head next.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” she says, breathing heavily.

“Sorry,” I say as I wrap a protective arm around her shoulders. “You know how I get when I haven’t seen you all day.”

“It’s only been three hours!” she says with a laugh. “You’re crazy.”

“And that’s why you love me.”

She stops and turns in my arms. Those sexy blue eyes are looking up at me and I can tell what’s behind them.

“Looks like it’s time for Kate’s nap,” I say as I take the adorable baby and cradle her to my chest. “Mommy and Daddy need some alone time…”

Mila’s beautiful cheeks turn that shade of pink I adore as I take our baby up to her room and put her in her crib. She’s already yawning as I turn off the light and sing her a quick song.

I hope she falls into a deep sleep because I’m about to make her mother scream.

She’s about to get the real life version of the painting.

Every hard inch of it.



* * *

Thirty years later…

* * *

I can’t believe this many people came to my exhibit. The huge gallery is packed and Cole even told me there’s a line-up down the street of people waiting to get in. It’s surreal.

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