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His hot tongue only stops when his lips wrap around my clit and he starts sucking hard. My hips buck against him, probably giving him a fat lip, but I can’t stop. He’s in control of my body now. He’s doing this to me.

The heat and tightness builds and coils as I let out one cry after another, wondering how intense this can get.

His fucking lips… That goddamn tongue… It’s incredible. It’s too much. It’s so fucking good.

“Oh fuuuuucck!” I scream as the tightness bursts and my insides unravel in a wave of pleasurable bliss.

It engulfs me. It consumes me. It spreads through every inch of my convulsing body.

Warm juice flows out of my pussy onto his insatiable mouth. He greedily laps it all up, moaning like a beast as his tongue slides over me.

My mouth is wide open as I watch him in awe, wondering how it’s possible for a man to make me feel so good.

When the screaming stops and I’m making small whimpers instead, he stands back up with his sexy mouth shining with me.

I don’t even close my legs. I don’t have the energy.

I’m staring at this amazing man in awe with my head swimming and my legs trembling.

“You’re so fucking tasty,” he growls as he grabs my tits and licks one nipple then the other.

I shudder all over at the intensity radiating off him.

“I’m not going to fuck you on this table for your first time,” he says as he grabs his big hard cock and gives it a few lazy strokes. “I know you got a bed in here somewhere. Bring me to it.”

I hop off the table and land on shaky legs.

Without a word, I grab his hand and bring him to my bedroom.



* * *

I’m holding this stunning girl’s hand as she guides me up the stairs into her bedroom. She’s a few steps ahead of me, giving me the perfect view of her bare ass with the colorful splattered paint all over it.

The swaying of her ass cheeks with each step is starting to hypnotize me. My obsession with this girl is complete. She’s all I can think about now.

The warm delicious taste of her cunt is still in my mouth and with every breath I take, I can smell her sweetness.

I can’t wait to sink my hard cock into her warm little pussy and steal her virginity. I want it. Badly.

I want to unload the hot come I have building in my balls into her young ripe womb and breed her sweet body. With my child growing inside her, she’ll be mine forever. We’ll always be connected. We’ll always share a bond.

We get to the top of the stairs and I can’t resist. She yelps as I lunge down and scoop her into my arms.

“Hello,” she says when I look down at her, not knowing where to feast my eyes. She’s naked in my arms with her big tits out and the top of her glistening pussy on display. Everything about her draws me in, even her sexy arms and soft thighs. Her hands are beautiful and her toes and feet make me want to sign up for a class on how to perfectly massage feet so I can spoil her. I want to please this angel in every way possible. I want to continually shock her with the amount of pleasure I can make her experience.

“Hello,” I say back, although my voice is more a growl than actual words.

I carry my girl into her bedroom and lower her onto the bed.

She’s not shy anymore. Not with her man.

She must feel that we belong together because she’s not closing her legs or trying to hide a thing. She’s resting on the bed with her legs spread open, her beautiful pink puffy pussy on full display.

Her sexy blue eyes drift down my jacked torso and land on my hard cock. It’s standing straight up, thick as ever as it points at the ceiling.

I wrap my hand around it and stroke it slowly as I watch her. “Is this what you want?”

She licks her lips as she nods her head up and down, never taking her eyes off it.

“Is that tight little pussy ready?”

She sucks in a breath. “As ready as it will ever be.”

“Good,” I say as I reach down and run the side of my finger up her slit. It’s so warm. So soft. So wet. So fucking tempting. Her folds part and the flash of pink inside makes my core squeeze tight.

I’d like to hold her legs apart and ram my cock into her, but we’re a long way away from that. It’s going to take years before her pussy gets used to my huge size.

I’m worried she won’t be able to take it all in, but we have to try.

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