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I gasp and shudder all over when I feel his thick fingers sliding over my wet slit. My wet silky folds part for him and I nearly crumple to the floor when I feel his hand pressing against my aching clit.

He wraps his muscular arm around me, his large hand swallowing my right breast as he plays with my pussy. It feels so good, being touched down there by a man for the first time. Every new spot draws out a whimper as his incredible fingers slide over it.

My mouth drops open and I start breathing out hard, quick, raspy breaths when I feel his thick fingertip pressing against my opening.

“Mmmmmmm,” he moans in my ear. “Nice and virgin-tight. Think my big cock will fit in this tiny little hole?”

“I don’t know,” I gasp as I melt against him. I’ve been wondering that since the second I saw it hanging down to his knees.

“We’ll make it fit. Our bodies were designed for one another, so it’s inevitable.”

I close my eyes and lick my lips, hoping he’s right. I want to feel my pussy crammed tight with him. I want to feel him stretching me out and filling me up until I can’t take it anymore. I want to feel my pussy squeezed around him. I want him to feel how tight I am.

“I can’t slide such a big cock in a pussy this tight,” he says. I nearly cry out in disappointment. “I’m going to have to loosen it up with my tongue first.”

“You’re what—“

Before I can finish, he’s dropping to his knees and taking my overalls down with him. They fall to my ankles as his demanding palm pushes my back down, bending me over onto the table of paints. My ass is thrust in the air in front of this ravenous man’s face with the only thing between his hungry mouth and my burning pussy is a pair of soaked underwear.

They don’t last long. Cole grabs my panties with both hands and yanks them down my legs, revealing my throbbing, soaked, naked pussy. It’s the first time a man’s eyes are on it and I’m not shy or nervous at all. I want him so badly. I’m aching all over for him to devour me.

I wiggle my ass to tempt him and it works. Those big strong hands grip my ass cheeks, spreading them apart as he dives in from behind, sinking his hot wonderful tongue into my needy cunt.

I cry out so loud that I’m sure my neighbors hear it, but I don’t care. I’m only focused on his heavenly mouth as he eats my pussy out like he can’t get enough of it.

“Oh, Cole,” I moan as his tongue descends onto my clit, flicking and dragging and torturing me so good. My legs are shaking. My hands are gripping the table. My bare breasts are sliding all over the paint, making a colorful mess, but I don’t care. I don’t give a shit about anything except that tongue.

He’s a master with it, sliding it through my folds and dipping it into my virgin hole. He even slides it up to my asshole, moaning like a beast as he licks me all over.

I’m his. I’m all fucking his. I’ll do whatever he says, whatever he wants, as long as he keeps that miraculous mouth on me like this. I don’t want him to ever take it away.

I grab his head and hold it against me, moaning as he digs in harder.

“Turn around,” he growls as he pops his head out. His mouth is shiny wet. The look in his eyes is practically feral as he stares at my cunt. I swing a leg over him, his eyes locked on my pussy the entire time.

I whimper when he grabs the back of my thighs and effortlessly lifts my ass onto the table. It’s one smooth motion and then he’s spreading my legs wide open in front of him and kneeling back down with his hungry eyes trained on where his mouth is going next.

“I want to see your big tits bouncing as I lick your sweet cunt,” he says as he grabs one of them and dives back in. I grip his hand, holding it against my breast as his hot mouth reconnects with my throbbing pussy.

I moan and writhe my hips to the seductive rhythm of his tongue. He’s all over me, licking every inch down there mercilessly, vigorously. He knows it’s my first time and he’s not taking it easy. It’s like he’s doing the opposite—showing me how great the pleasure can be as he savagely tries to get me off.

My body starts trembling all over as I feel an intense orgasm coming on strong. I grab a fistful of his hair, holding on for dear life like it’s the only thing grounding me in this world.

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