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“Yes, girl,” he grunts hard. “Keep that dick in your sweet mouth. I’m going to fill it with come.”

I twist my hands on his shaft like I’m a pioneer in the olden days making butter. He loves it and takes hard sharp breaths.

My hands move faster. My wet pussy aches. I’m drenched down there, my thighs full of sticky heat.

“Oh shit,” he grunts as I suck him so hard my jaw aches. “I’m gonna… fuck!”

He comes hard in my mouth, one hot surge of come after another filling me, drenching me, choking me as it slides down my throat into my chest. I can feel the warmth of it in there, spreading a wild heat down to my throbbing pussy.

I pull his cock out with a gasp when my mouth is full with his seed. I swallow it down with a moan.

I’m still holding his shaft as one last surge of his come shoots out, arching high before landing all over my wrists and forearms.

His huge muscular body is trembling as he watches me in awe. His dark brown eyes are looking at me like he’s never seen anything so sexy, so magnificent, so wonderful.

I tease him by letting go of his wet dick and focusing my attention on my arms. He groans as I slowly lick every drop of his come off my hands, wrists, and forearms, moaning as I drink him down.

“Fuck, baby,” he moans as he watches me, looking mesmerized by my every move. “You sure you’re a virgin? You can suck a cock like a pro.”

I lick my lips with a flirty little grin as I look up at him through my eyelashes. “Like you said. We’re meant to be. Your cock was made for me and my slutty little mouth was made for you.”

I grin as he shakes his head, staring down at me in awe. “You were made for me all right. You are fucking perfect.”

I lick my lips as he helps me up, loving the masculine taste of him in my mouth.

I’ve always been afraid to give a blow job, thinking I’d hate it, but that wasn’t bad at all. That was really fun. I loved feeling the meaty power of him in my hands and the hot surge of his seed filling me up.

My pussy is burning as I walk back to my paints. I feel his heavy footsteps behind me and suddenly he’s here, his big chest pressed against my shoulders, his possessive hands gripping my hips.

He leans down and kisses the nook of my neck and I moan as my head drops to the side, giving him more access.

“It’s not fair that I’m the only one who gets naked,” he says as his big hands slide up my ribs, making me shiver all over. His palms glide over the sides of my breasts and my nipples harden to the point of pain.

“You can see everything,” he says in a low throaty groan, “and all I can see are these big bulky overalls that hide everything.”

His hands slide over to the buckle and safety pin holding my straps up. My pussy pulses with heat at feeling his big hands pressing against my breasts.

“It’s time to even the score here, Mila,” he says as he unfastens one then the other. “I say we should both be naked in here from now on.”

The denim flap covering my chest tumbles down, revealing my bra. My breasts are spilling out of the black cups and they’re heaving up and down with every hard breath this man is making me take.

He notices. Of course he does.

I moan when I feel his strong powerful hands gripping me, his palms cupping my breasts hard as I lean back into him. His cock is as hard as it was when it was in my mouth and I whimper when I feel the enormous size of it pressing into my back.

“You’ve been teasing me with these curves all week,” he says as he curls his fingers into my bra and yanks it down. My breasts tumble out with a bounce and his hands jump back on them squeezing, caressing, and tweaking my hard nipples with his fingers.

I moan as I grind my body against his thick long cock, loving the deep primal sounds of grunts and groans.

“You’ve been hiding these beautiful tits from me all week,” he says, sounding like he’s in pain as he caresses my breasts. “What else have you been hiding?”

His flat palm slides down my bare stomach, disappearing inside my overalls.

“Yes,” I moan as I feel his fingertips sliding into my panties. “Oh fuck, yes.”

“Have you been hiding a wet little pussy?” he growls as his fingertips slide through my pubic hair. “How wet, how tight, how sweet is this little virgin cunt? It’s time to find out.”

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