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“It’s like a firehose,” she says as she stares down at it in awe. “It’s incredible.”

She starts twisting her hands as she slides them up and down my shaft.

“Spit on your palms for me, baby,” I groan as warmth floods through me.

She takes off one hand at a time and spits into her palms. Just the sight and sound of that is enough to send me over the edge. When her hands wrap back around me, her sweet saliva makes everything more slippery as she jerks me off.

“Can I… lick it?”

Oh fuck. This girl… She’s killing me. Those sexy words on her sweet lips… My blood is boiling. I’m aching with the need to devour her in every way.

“It’s your cock now, Mila. Forever, it’s yours. You do whatever you want to it.”

I run my hand through my hair, gripping a fistful of it as I watch her drop to her knees in front of me. Her hands are still clenched around my meaty shaft, her wide eyes focused intensely on it. She’s as focused on my cock as she is when she paints. It’s that same concentrated look on her face that I find so fucking irresistible.

“Put that soft tongue on me, baby,” I groan. “Lick your man’s big dick.”

She holds my cock up and drags her sweet tongue from my balls all the way to the tip. A few beads of pre-come greet her, oozing out as she traces my swollen head with the tip of her tongue.

“Suck up that pre-come,” I command in a deep authoritative voice. “Don’t waste a drop of it.”

She opens her sweet plump lips and presses them to my head. I drop my head back and let out a groan when I feel her mouth sucking and then her little tongue digging into the slit on my head, desperately trying to get out every drop of seed I have in there.

“That’s it,” I say as I run my hand over her hair. “Now open up wide, my pretty little Picasso. Show me how good you can suck a cock.”

With both of her hands gripping my shaft, she opens up wide and takes me in. My grip tightens on her head, a little too hard, as I feel her hot wet mouth engulf me.

I force my eyes back open, not wanting to miss a second of this sexy sight, and look down.

My little angel is on her knees with her juicy pink lips wrapped around my enormous cock.

I can feel a giant load building in my balls. This poor girl is not going to know what hit her. And I feel it about to come surging out soon…



* * *

I can’t stop moaning as I bury Cole’s massive cock into my mouth, as far as it will go. I keep choking and gagging on it even though I can’t even seem to get my mouth halfway down his huge shaft.

This is a tough dick to suck on for the first time. It’s like starting to ski on a triple black diamond trail or learning to drive for the first time and taking out a Ferrari.

I feel like this enormous monster cock is beyond my very low level of expertise, but I’m doing my best and Cole seems to be enjoying it.

I’m twisting my hands, moving my arms, using my tongue, and clenching my lips. I’m using whatever I can to make this man feel good. It seems to be working. He keeps making deeper and sexier groans as I go on.

I squeeze his shaft with my fingers as I slide up and down his pole. He’s so damn thick that my thumb and fingertips aren’t even close to connecting. I have no idea how he’s going to fit inside me. I’m a little nervous for it to be honest. I can’t even put it in my mouth without it ramming into my gag reflex. I can’t imagine him thrusting this monster into my pussy. I might never walk again.

His hands tighten on my head and he lets out a low throaty moan. I look up and my pussy throbs when I see his sexy abs and chest all flexed with a bit of sweat on them, making them look all shiny. This man is so fucking sexy.

Just a few dirty words out of his teasing mouth and he’s gotten me to do what no guy has ever been able to convince me to do before. I’m on my knees, greedily sucking his big dick.

“Oh shit, Mila,” he moans. “Keep sucking me, baby. I’m close to coming hard.”

I want to feel his hot come in my mouth. I want to taste more of it. I want to see his face as he unloads it all into my mouth and down my throat.

I open my jaw as wide as it will go and force his dick in until my eyes are watering and I’m choking out grunts on his massive head. I feel like a snake trying to swallow an ostrich egg. I wish I could unlock my jaw like they can and take him in even deeper.

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