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“That’s my girl,” I say in a low voice as she swallows hard. “Squeeze it a little harder.”

She tightens her grip and my legs tremble, getting weaker by the second.

“You’re so big,” she whispers as she looks at the monster in her hand. “How do you even…”


“Fit inside a girl?”

“I don’t know,” I tell her honestly. “I’ve never been with a girl before.”

Her eyes dart up to mine. “Why? Do they take one look at this thing and run away screaming?”

I grin as I shake my head. “No, Mila. I just haven’t found the right girl yet. The one I want to be with. I’m not interested in sleeping around. I’m interested in finding the one for me and being with her only.”

She lets go of my cock and shakes her hand out. “I hope you find her.”

My girl turns to walk away, but I grab her wrist and spin her back into me. “I have,” I say as I lean down, our mouths within kissing distance. “It’s you, Mila. You’re the one for me. I knew it the second I saw you.”


Her eyes drop to my mouth. I want her so fucking badly. I want to taste every inch of her. I want to claim every inch of her.

She’s all fucking mine and it’s time to let her know it.

I crush my lips to hers and kiss her hard and deep as I hold her against my body. My dick is as hard as concrete between us. She moans into my mouth as she leans into it, pressing her stomach against my shaft.

She tastes so sugary. Like sweet innocence. I slide my tongue against hers as I wrap my big arms around her, pinning her against my naked body.

She thrusts her tongue into my mouth as she grips my biceps with her tiny hands. We stay like this for a while, grabbing and pulling and devouring and moaning. It’s a hell of a first kiss and I never want it to end.

Finally, we break away, breathless and shocked as we stare at each other in awe.

“I’ve been waiting too,” she says as she drags her hands over my chest. “I’m also a virgin.”

My cock jolts at hearing that wonderful news. I was hoping and praying that this girl was untouched. I didn’t even want to think about other men having their dirty hands all over her sweet innocent body. She belongs to me. She’s mine for the taking.

It’s a hell of a relief to know that I’ll be the first to sink into her wet little cunt. I’ll steal her cherry. I’ll claim her virginity. Her pussy will always belong to me and me alone.

“I have feelings too,” she whispers as those warm incredible hands make their way down my stomach, feeling every curve and valley of my abs. “I thought that maybe it was just because you were naked… that the intimacy of it was fooling me.”

“Did you have those feelings with the other model?” I grit my teeth just thinking about her staring at another naked man. That dude is lucky he’s gay. It’s the only thing saving him from me hunting him down and beating the shit out of him for getting naked in front of my girl.

“No,” she says quickly. “Nothing at all. I had no feelings. Not like this…”

“Have you ever had feelings for another man?” I ask. “Ever in your whole life?”

She looks up at me with those pretty blue eyes and shakes her head.

“Because all of this time, you were mine. You belong to me, Mila. You’re my girl.” I take her hand and put it against my chest so she can feel how hard my heart is beating for her. “You can feel it right?”

She nods.

“Every beat is for you. It always has been. I’m your man, Mila. Stop fighting it. Embrace it.”

She stretches her hand out on my chest and rests her palm over my heart.

My cock is aching between us. She hasn’t taken the pressure off my shaft and I feel like I’m going to explode. My balls are throbbing, they’re so full of come. I can’t wait to unload every last drop into her pretty little pussy.

There’s no way I’m using a condom with this girl. No fucking way. I’m going to take her raw and feel every silky inch of her beautiful cunt. And when I come inside her, I’ll be sure to send every drop of my seed into her ripe waiting womb.

“We belong to each other, baby,” I say as I take her hands and kiss her knuckles. “These hands are so talented with a paintbrush. Now, let’s see what they can do with a cock.”

Her eyes widen and her mouth opens as I pull her hands down to my dick. She wraps both of them around my shaft and sucks in a breath when she feels the true power and size of my erection.

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