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Magnus leans forward, brushing a kiss on my temple. His mouth is warm and soft.

“As long as there’s breath left in my body, I swear that I’ll love and protect you,” he tells me as if we’re taking our vows at this very moment. I wonder if he’ll say the same on the day of our wedding. “I swear to love you until I can’t love you anymore, and even after that.”

“Our baby is so lucky to have us, to have you,” I say, smiling. My fear morphs into excited anticipation and I want to shout with happiness. “I’m a little scared, Magnus, but I’m glad I have you by my side.”

I always wanted to have a family of my own. And now with Magnus by my side I know we will give our children better than what I had. I want to shower our babies with love so that they always know how much they mean to me. I know Magnus wants the same, and I can’t wait to meet our little baby and any others to come. My heart swells with the thought that we made a child, a product of our love for each other.

“Since the moment you came into my life, I can’t imagine it without you,” Magnus says, and I know I don’t imagine the glitter of tears in his dark eyes. “Cassie, you’re everything to me, everything I ever wanted and didn’t know I needed.”

“I’m so happy,” I tell him, wiping a thumb gently under his eye. “Are you happy, Magnus?”

“So happy.” Magnus nods, wiping his eyes discreetly ever the tough guy, and he helps me to sit up in our bed. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him onto the bed with me.

So many nights we’ve spent in this bed, just enjoying our time together. I can’t believe that I was ever anywhere else. It feels right to be by Magnus’s side and covered in warm affection. He is the man of my dreams come to life and now we're starting a family together.

“You’re so beautiful,” Magnus murmurs as he leans over me, resting his weight on his elbow. “You’re going to be an amazing mother to our baby, I just know it.”

“This baby is going to have the hottest daddy in the world,” I tell him, winking.

Magnus laughs, long and deep, and I love the bright happiness that glows on his face. I reach out a hand, touching the soft beard that grows on his jaw, running my fingers through the hair.

“Have you told anyone else about the baby or just me?” Magnus asks me, unable to stop himself from smiling, it seems. His hand movies to my belly, cupping it gently. “We have to announce it to everyone. We can even have a special dinner.”

I cover his hand with mine, letting out a soft laugh. I’m so truly happy to see that he’s so excited for our baby. He wants to announce it to the world, he’s so elated. I can’t believe I was ever worried about telling him I was pregnant. What a waste of time.

“Your mom knows,” I tell him, letting out a sigh of contentment. “And my mom, but no one else.”

“Renner doesn’t know yet,” Magnus says, looking contemplative. “We should go tell him.”

“Um,” I say, gesturing down at my body in bed. “We won’t be doing anything right now.”

Magnus looks down at me and seems to remember I fainted and leans down to kiss my belly over the thick covers. He stays there for a moment and I bury my hand in his dark hair, sighing.

There’s a noise outside and he gently says, “I think he just arrived at the gates.”

There’s a knock at the door a few minutes later. We both turn to see my dad shuffle inside.

“Magnus, Cassie,” he says, smiling at us both. “Piper said you needed to see me?”




From where I stand on the veranda, I watch the sunrise burn slowly over the peaks of the mountains. And I can hear the giggles from the room behind me. I hold my coffee cup in my hands, the one that says, Mr. St. James, and bring it to my lips with a smile on my face. The door opens with a soft sound behind me.

I glance over my shoulder, nodding at the mug on the table that says, Mrs. St. James.

“Black coffee, dark roast?” My wife asks coyly, her warm arms wrapping around my waist.

I can’t help but smile when I remember our first meeting. I glance behind me, looking her over. Cassie is dressed in a warm sweater, one of mine that she’s stolen, and soft, faded jeans. Her feet are in fuzzy brown slippers and she looks tired from the night before but warm and content.

“A whole year of marriage,” I tell her. “And now we’re finally in the old house, newly renovated.”

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