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He’s panting almost as hard as I am, groaning as he feels me tightening around his fingers.

“Cassie.” He nudges my cheek with his nose, dragging his lips to my neck as his hard length presses against my ass.

“Magnus,” I whisper, my breath catching as he slides his fingers out of me. I mourn the loss of them. “I need—I want—”

“What do you want?” Magnus asks against the smooth skin of my neck and shoulder, rolling his hips against me in an extremely lovely and distracting manner. “If you’re sure about this, what do you want, Cassie? Tell me.”

I can’t help but throw caution to the wind once more, reaching behind me to cup Magnus in my hand. I almost can’t believe that I have him here, with me, in bed.

“This—you—inside me.” I take a sharp breath. “I want you to take me, Magnus. Make me yours.”

In one smooth movement, Magnus scooped me up off of the bed and into his arms.

“The desk in the corner,” I tell him, pointing, imagining him bending me over the wood.

Magnus complies and when he sets me down on the cold top of the desk, he tosses his shirt away to expose a lean, muscled chest and dark hair that trails down into the waistband of his pants.

Without another thought, I push all my nervousness aside and dip my hand inside his pants and squeeze him gently. He groans, shoving his hand into my hair and kissing me roughly. After a moment, he pushes me back against the desk to push my skirt up and tug my panties down my legs. I know what he’s doing before he does it, but it’s still a surprise.

Magnus drops to his knees and buries his dark head between my thighs.

This is a real man I’ve entangled myself with and I can’t help the moan that escapes my mouth.

When he finally comes up for air, Magnus flips me around, using his hand to block me from pressing my body against the hard, sharp edge of the desk. I can hear the soft jingle of his belt as he pulls his slacks open and my whole body throbs with my need.

I push back against him.

I want him so bad I can almost taste him. He waits for a moment, perhaps letting me tell him when I’m ready. I’m too worked up to use my words so I reach back and grab his hip to pull him to me.

Magnus pushes my skirt up higher over my hips and he bends me over. He presses his length against my entrance and slides inside me in one quick thrust. I inhale sharply when a flash of pain tears through me.

“Cassie,” he says with a sharp breath, holding himself in place.

The heavy warmth of him fills me up until I can barely breathe. But slowly I start to relax around him. The wetness between my legs grows, at the thought that this man, my father's best friend, is taking me for the first time.

“Don’t stop,” I gasp, arching my back. Needing more of him.

His hand is buried in my hair and his mouth on my shoulder, pressing his tongue to my skin.

“I’ll go slow at first,” he murmurs, sounding as if he’s barely holding on. He wants to move and I want him to.

Without thinking too much, I rock my hips forward and then back, pushing him deeper inside, so deep I don’t know where he ends and I begin.

“Don’t go slow,” I grit out and I can hear Magnus groan in pleasure. “I want you too bad.”

I hold onto the desk as he thrusts into me hard. He brings the hand that’s not buried in my blonde hair to the front of my skirt, dips under, and rubs my little bud in time with his thrusts.

“Fucking mine,” he growls pumping into me harder. “You’re so fucking beautiful and mine.”

“I’m yours. Only yours,” I pant.

“Look at you taking me like a good girl. Fuck”

He slides his hand from under my skirt and grips my hip hard, holding me in place, thrusting harder and faster.

“I can’t hold on much longer,” he grunts. “I want you to come around me,” he growls in my ear.

I let out a cry when he hits a spot deep inside of me that causes my body to hum.

“Yes, yes,” I moan. “Come inside me, Magnus.”

“Do it. Come for me, baby. Come now,” he growls.

I have no choice but to obey. I rock my hips back and feel a volcano explode inside of me. Magnus pumps his hips once, twice, and I feel him fall over the edge with me, spilling his seed inside of me.

He pants hard in my ear, as the bright pleasure lights up my body, making me shiver.

“Magnus,” I whimper, clutching at his hip with my hand to keep him inside of me.

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