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Her fingers dip down, catching on my belt buckle, and then whisper over the front of my slacks. But, it’s enough to have the beast inside me rattling its cage ready to break free.

I can feel her breasts against my chest, her nipples pebbled by the chilled air as they brush against me. My hands slip under her thick sweater and she keens in her pretty voice, burying her face in my neck.

I can feel her fingers trembling and it’s an act of fucking strength not to have her here and now.

“Magnus,” she says in a voice that sounds unsure. “You need to know something about me.”

I wonder if she’s seeing someone or if she’s going to tell me I’m too old for her.

“What is it?” I wonder, brushing a hand under her chin over her soft skin.

“I— I’m still a virgin,” she tells me. “I’ve never been with a man before, not like this.”

A primal sort of desire rises up inside of me. The notion of claiming Cassie and of making her mine presses at the forefront of my mind.

No other man has touched her. No one else has slipped inside and felt the warm heat of her pussy. If it’s possible, I crave her even more.

“Tell me what you want,” I say, dipping down to kiss her neck until she moans.

The sound she makes is like every wet dream I’ve ever had twisted into one.

“I want it to be you,” she whispers in a sharp breath. “I need you, Magnus. Please.”

For a moment, I forget that we’re standing on the edge of a mountain. It feels like we’re standing on the edge of forever. A sharp rain twists its way across the range of mountains, soaking us.

We run back to the car and the driver, a white-haired man with a long mustache, takes one look at us and shuts the privacy barrier between the front seats and the back with a sharp snap. When he drives away and turns up the music, I make a mental note to give him a raise.

Cassie makes a soft sound and crawls into my lap, digging her fingers into my hair. I push down on her hips, grinding up against her with my cock.

Cassandra is obviously nervous, but she’s like a flower, blooming and opening above me. I yank her sweater over her head to reveal soft, bronzed skin. Her breasts bounce as she unhooks her bra, and round, perfect tits come into view.

Cassie’s pale green eyes are like the height of spring, in the cold of winter. There’s a heat there, burning behind her gaze. I put her hand behind my head so she can draw me in to suck at her pebbled peaks and I slide a hand up her thigh as I grow rock hard under her.

Suddenly the SUV makes a sharp turn and I wrap my arms around Cassie, holding her close. I can hear the gravel crunch beneath the car and I know we’ve made it to the estate.

“Shit. We’re here,” I growl, and then sigh. I run a hand over my chin, rubbing the coarse hair there.

“That’s rotten luck,” she blurts out, and then she blushes. “I didn’t mean that your dad’s house—”

The pretty little thing in my lap is so determined not to mess anything up and it’s so endearing.

“It’s a damn shame is what it is,” I say, curling a hand over her cheek and then bringing it down to cup her breast. “That house has six rooms,” I continue as my tongue glides over her nipple.

“Sir,” calls the driver from the front. “Sir, we’ve arrived.”

Cassie sighs and then she quickly scrambles out of my lap and pulls on her sweater. She leaves her bra on my leg and I stuff it into the pocket of my slacks for safekeeping.

Before we leave the car, I reach over and pull Cassie into me one more time, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She makes a soft sound, pressing her body against me, and it’s so fucking hard to let go but I do.

“Please,” she says, and I feel my cock jerk, aching to be inside of her.

“I need to look over the grounds,” I tell her in a hoarse whisper. “But I want you with me.”

“I want you in me,” Cassie murmurs, but I can tell she didn’t mean to say it out loud. She leans away from me with wide eyes and says, “Um, please pretend I didn’t just say that.”

“Cassie,” I say as I kiss her one more time. “If I had the time, I would bend you over the railing right now and have you on the front steps. Don’t take anything back. Don’t regret anything.”

Cassie swallows, taking in my words. A soft breath leaves her mouth and she nods.

I can’t help it when I lean over her as the rain begins to fall again against the car. Cassie tips her head back and I slip my hand up her skirt, pulling aside her silky panties and dipping my finger inside of her.

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