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I rolled my tongue around her nipple and watched with satisfaction as her back arched off the floor, silently pleading for more. “You’re so damn perfect.”

I slid my body downward, settling between her thighs as I lifted the nightgown to reveal her trembling stomach. Like mine, her desire was growing by the second, and I relished the torment building up inside of her. I glided my tongue along her stomach ever so softly, trailing kisses here and there as I worked my way down to her panties. The thought of my mouth clamped around her, sucking and teasing her to ecstasy made my cock throb. I slid my hands to the waistband of her panties and quickly glided them down her long, lean legs.

Once they were gone, I satisfied all my desires and hers, and by the time the fire started to die out, we were both completely drained. Sophie rested her head on my shoulder, and we spent the rest of the night there on the floor in front of the smoldering embers.

It was the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve.

I’d never been one to care much about Christmas or family traditions, mainly because I’d never had any, but as of tonight, that had all changed. Coming home to the woman I loved waiting for me by the fire was a tradition I intended to keep for years to come.


We all have a past. We’ve made choices that we regretted, mistakes we wished we hadn’t made. They might not have defined us, but that didn’t mean they haven’t marked us. They did—some more than others, but it was our mistakes that put us on the path we were destined to take.

For some, the storm of hurt and anger raging inside them clouded which direction they should head. Thankfully, I had my brothers and Sophie to help me through that hurt and anger, and I was able to find my way. I’d finally put my past behind me, and as I sat there in the family room watching my brothers open their “dirty Santa” gifts, I knew it was the best thing I could’ve ever done.

We’d all drawn names and were given a week to find the perfect dirty Santa gift for our chosen person. The girls had already exchanged theirs, and while they were funny, they had nothing on ours. Lynch had just opened his present from Widow, and we were all waiting for him to reveal his prize. After studying it for a moment, he shook his head and lifted his gift for all of us to see. “The asshole got me Jesus soap.”

“Figured you needed it.” Widow snickered. “You can use it to wash away all your sins.”

“Oh, damn. That’s a good one.” Rafe chuckled.

“Yeah, it is, but we all know it’d take more than one bar to wash all his sins away.”

“Damn straight.”

Laughter filled the room as Lynch took the soap and rubbed it across his chest, pretending to lather up. Once he was done with his little show, he picked up the gift he’d gotten me and tossed it in my direction. “Your turn, brother.”

“All right. Let’s see what we got.” I quickly opened the package wrapped in kiddie paper and pulled out a silver flask from inside. I turned it over, and the words Cheaper Than Therapy were written on the back. Knowing it was a jab at my anger management sessions with Sophie, I looked over to him and said, “You’re an asshole.”

“Yeah, but that’s why ya love me.”

When I held it up for the others to see, Sophie rolled her eyes and smiled as she read the words on the flask, then teased Lynch. “You know, you could use a little therapy yourself.”

“You’re probably right. Why don’t you hook me up with one of the hot, single ladies at your office?”

“Not gonna happen.”

The guys were still laughing amongst themselves when I grabbed the gift I’d gotten Country and handed it over to him. A curious look passed over his face when he saw the large box. He gave it a hard shake and asked, “What is it?”

“Open it and see, shithead.”

“It better not be full of fucking snakes or some shit like that.” Country quickly tore the paper away from the box and eased it open. He looked confused as he reached in and pulled out a toilet plunger. “What the hell is this?”

“You’re so full of shit that I thought it might come in handy.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, the entire room erupted in laughter. I had to admit, I’d questioned the whole dirty Santa idea, but it certainly made this a Christmas to remember for all of us. Country shoved his plunger back in the box as he said, “Okay, my turn.”

He reached down and grabbed his gift, then passed it over to Viper. He studied it for a moment, then slowly started to open it. As soon as he saw what was inside, he looked back over to Country and shook his head. Viper lifted the penis pump. “What the hell, Country?”

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