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The sexy look on her face as I thrust in—eyes half-closed, delicious mouth open—is enough to get me off. I cum inside her almost immediately, and the feel of my load surging inside her sets her off as well.

We cum all over each other, but I don’t pull out. I’m still rock hard and I continue to go, enjoying our first mile-high experience together.

One of many…

We’ll be doing this for years to come.

Me and my sexy little nerd who will soon be my sexy little wife.



* * *

Nine months later…

* * *

“You don’t have to do this,” I say as Jackson slides the contract in front of me.

“I want to.”

“But Jackson,” I say as my cheeks heat up. I turn to the lawyers and ask them for a minute alone. They quickly leave the big conference room and close the door behind them.

It’s just us sitting at the table with the stunning view of Boston’s skyscrapers in front of us.

“What are you worried about?” he asks softly.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “This is your hotel.”

“Our hotel.”

“It’s your money.”

“Our money.”

I sigh. “You don’t have to put my name on the contract. You should be the sole owner.”

He shakes his head like that is never going to happen. “I want to build an empire with you, Ella. It’s all for you anyway.”

“But people… fall out of love. Things happen. You might not want my name on it one day.”

“That will never happen,” he says fiercely. “I’m not falling out of love with you. Ever. We’re not like other people. We were made for each other. You know it as much as I do.”

I smile as I run my hands over my pregnant belly. I do know that.

He tells me every day.

“You told me on our first date that you were all in,” he says as he hands me the pen. “Be all in. I know I am.”

I think about it for a few seconds and then I grab the pen and sign the contract.

Just like that, I’m the part owner of a new hotel.

It’s a gorgeous place in the Florida Keys that Jackson took me to for a week after I graduated. My baby bump was just starting to show, so I felt awkward in my bikini (but then again, I always feel awkward in my bikini). We loved it and before the end of the week, Jackson was meeting with the hotel owner and offering to buy it.

It took months of negotiations, but here we are, signing the deal.

Jackson signs his name on the contract as well, and we’re officially owners.

I moan as he kisses me and slides his big hand over my round stomach.

“It’s the perfect place to get married,” he whispers in my ear as he kisses my neck. “I can see it now. On the beach, you in a gorgeous white dress, me happier than I’ve ever been.”

I smile as I picture it. There’s a stunning spot on the side of the hotel that would be the perfect place to say our vows. There are two gorgeous palm trees that arc together in the shape of a heart. We could stand under them with the backdrop of the stunning ocean behind us, all of our friends and family watching. That’s what I want.

“I’d like that,” I whisper to him.

“How about next month?”

“You got yourself a date.”

His hand slides onto my jaw and my mouth waters as he leans in to kiss me. I love feeling the power in his hand. It heightens everything as those sexy lips press against mine.


If he’s not careful, we’ll both get going to a point we can’t stop. I’m feeling the heat swirling inside me, settling between my legs as his tongue explores my mouth.

The knock on the door ruins it.

Jackson growls as he pulls away from my mouth and glares at the door.

“Can we come back in?” the lawyer asks.

I take a quick breath and smooth my hair back. “Come in,” I say with a croak in my voice. “We’re ready for you.”

Jackson looks like he doesn’t agree. But if he had his way, I’d be laying on the conference table with my legs spread in the air.

The lawyers walk back in and look pleased when they see our signatures on the contract.

“Congratulations,” one of them says. “The hotel is yours!”

They all clap as we look at each other. We got so distracted that we forgot all about it, but he looks really happy now. One more brick for his empire.

For our empire.

We get through the rest of the meeting as quickly as we can, and then we’re in the limo racing to the airport to get to the private jet.

“Why are you so rushed?” I ask him when he tells the driver to speed up for the second time. “Are you anxious to take control of the hotel and meet the staff?”

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