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That’s alright. As long as she’s mine, everything will be okay.

And one thing is for damn sure.

This girl is all fucking mine.

Chapter Seven


* * *

I’m alone in Jackson’s bedroom with my suitcase open on his bed. I want to wear the perfect outfit for him, but I’m not sure what he likes.

I know he likes bikini bottoms and tight white t-shirts with nothing on underneath, but I can’t exactly wear that to dinner. Finally, I pick a nice navy blue summer dress with white flowers on it. There’s a hint of cleavage, but not too much, and I like the way it hugs my waist before flaring out.

Jackson had the bellboy fetch all of my stuff, but he missed a pair of heels that I’d like to wear with the dress.

My stomach gets all fluttery when I think about going down to my old room to get them. I really don’t want to see Leah and the girls right now. I don’t ever want to see them again.

I ruffle through my suitcase one more time, hoping that the perfect shoes to match this dress will somehow appear out of nowhere, but there are only my red flip-flops and a pair of running shoes. My going-out heels are right where I left them—on the floor of the closet.

They’re probably out drinking, I tell myself, really hoping that I’m right.

I want tonight to be perfect and perfection is not going to happen if I’m wearing running shoes in a fancy restaurant. I’m starting to really fall for Jackson and am willing to do anything to make it work, including risking seeing my asshole travel mates.

I take a deep breath and head out to get my shoes. Jackson is somewhere in the hotel, doing whatever a hotel owner does, but he left me a key and said he’d be back in about an hour when I’m done getting ready. He promised to take me out to dinner on a real date.

“Screw it,” I mutter as I grab the key and rush to his private elevator before I lose my nerve. My heart is pounding with nervousness as I head down to the main floor.

The two women at the front desk completely ignore the clients they’re serving as they watch me walk out, open-mouthed and staring in shock.

“Hi,” I say with a shy little wave.

“Are you Jackson’s new girlfriend?” the one with the big black hair asks.

Dammit. I can feel my cheeks blushing. Why do they always do that?

“I don’t know…”

“She is!” the other woman with the dimples says with a confident nod of her head. “I’ve never seen that man with a girl before.”

“You’re a lucky one.” They both nod in agreement. “I’ve seen many women try to nail him down and they got nowhere.”

I can’t help but smile. Jackson is making me feel like the most special girl in the world. I’m not sure why he picked me, but I’m glad that he did. I’m going to do everything I can to make him not regret that decision.

“I’m Ella by the way.”

“I’m Candice,” the one with the dimples says, “and this is Imani.”

“Hi!” Imani says with a smile and a wave.

“Excuse me, can we get back to checking in?” the older woman in front of her says with pure frustration in her voice.

“I’ll let you get back to work,” I say as I quickly get on my way.

There are drunk college students in bathing suits everywhere. A couple is making out against the wall and there’s a girl in a bikini sleeping on the couches in the lobby.

I hurry to the public elevators and am happy that they don’t take too long.

There’s another couple inside, making out heavily as I wait for the elevator to climb to the seventh floor. Hands are sliding everywhere, including inside bathing suits. It reeks of sweat, stale beer, and whiskey. They’re practically having sex as they grind on each other. So gross.

I rush out when the doors open and take a deep breath of air. I’ve been holding my breath for the past three floors.

The nerves come back as I walk down the hallway to our room. I really hope the girls aren’t in it.

With a deep breath, I slide the keycard over the lock and open the door.


All four of them are inside.

“There’s the slut,” Mackenzie says with a sneer as I step into the room.

Just get the shoes and leave.

I don’t engage. I just head for the closet, open it, and grab my shoes.

Unfortunately, they’re not going to let me leave that easily. Addison blocks the door as the three other girls surround me.

“Who was that hottie?” Leah asks.

“And what were you doing with him all afternoon?” Willow adds.

“Does he have any friends?” Mackenzie asks.

I don’t want to tell them anything about him. I want to keep Jackson all to myself.

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