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I gulp as I look at him, standing there in only a pair of shorts. His body is so beautiful. I just want to reach out and touch it. To drag my hands all over his hard chest and sculpted abs. I want to find out if his skin is as warm as it looks.

“Okay,” I say without thinking. “I’ll do it.”

He drops those seductive eyes onto my chest for a long beat before he suddenly turns and heads into the kitchen.

I gulp as I watch his big back and shoulders moving. The desire to be carried by him comes back strong. I push that out of my head and start to worry about what I just agreed to.

You’re going to give this guy a peep show, Ella?! What the hell did you just agree to?

I’m starting to tremble and am having second thoughts when I hear the water running. He’s filling something up.

“Come in,” that deep sexy voice says from somewhere in the penthouse. That voice is like warm melted chocolate.

My feet start moving on their own, my body going to him like it knows that’s where I belong. I’m feeling a strong pull to Jackson, but I’m not sure if it’s some kind of bond because he rescued me from the stage, or because it’s something more…

“Wow,” I whisper when I walk in and see his magnificent kitchen. It’s a chef’s dream. Hell, it’s my dream and I can barely make more than Kraft Dinner and toast.

He drops two very full pitchers of water onto the island with a thunk. Heat starts blossoming in my body, emanating from my core and traveling between my legs. I’m throbbing down there as I realize what’s about to happen. As I realize that he’s very serious.

“Let’s go on the balcony,” he says as he turns the water off and grabs the pitchers. “There’s complete privacy. No one will see you but me.”

No one will see you but me. He’ll see me. He’ll see more of me than any man ever has. Why is that thought getting me all worked up? My pussy feels like it’s finally awake after years of hibernation. It’s burning as I follow this sexy man outside.

He opens the door and lets me through first. It’s a huge balcony with luxurious outdoor furniture and a spectacular view of the ocean that I could stare at for days. I can’t believe he lives here. It’s going to be one lucky woman who ends up with him.

My heart is pounding as he pulls out his phone and puts some music on through the speakers in the ceiling. It’s music that you can dance to, but I’ve never really danced much in public. Especially the kind of sexy dancing that he’s going to be expecting.

He places the two water pitchers on the table and then sits down in a chair with his back to the ocean. His eyes are as blue as the water. He really is gorgeous.

I’m standing here awkwardly as the music plays. His heated eyes are on me, waiting expectantly, but I’m not sure if I can actually do this.

“It’s okay,” he whispers in that rich smooth voice. “You’re mine, Ella. You belong to me. Just feel the music in your body and start moving those delicious hips.”

I love it when he calls me his. That look of ownership in his eyes gets even deeper as I start to shyly sway my hips from side to side.

“That’s my girl,” he whispers as he watches me, his mesmerized eyes locked on my body.

That sexy lust-filled look gives me a boost of confidence. I think back to the girls on stage and the moves they were doing, and try to copy them. I start grinding my hips deeper and his breaths start coming out rougher and harsher.

That big chest is heaving up and down as he watches me like he’s never seen anything so appealing. I turn around and bend over, legs straight, ass thrust in the air.

I lick my lips as I drag my hand down the back of my thigh. He sucks in a breath and holds it as I turn back around and pull my dark hair out of the ponytail it’s in. I let my hair fly loose around me with a shake of my head and he squirms in his seat, loving what he’s seeing.

My confidence grows now that I have him under a lustful spell. I get bolder with my movements. I’m enjoying the way he’s responding to my body.

A moan slips from my mouth as I slide my hands along the sides of my breasts, pressing them together and teasing him as my nipples ache. I look down at my chest and see my buds popping out, already practically visible even though I haven’t poured any water on them yet. I know that he’ll be able to see pretty much all of them once I do and that thought is making my pussy throb even more.

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