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“What the hell was that?” Daniel whispers as he catches up to me. “Who is she?”

“Ella,” I grunt. “She’s my girl.”

“I am?” Ella asks.

“She is?” Daniel asks at the same time.

My blood is boiling in so many different ways and it’s getting really hard to speak. I just tighten my grip on her bare thigh and keep going. I want her out of here. Away from all of these curious eyes. I want it to be just us.

“Kick that big behemoth out of my hotel,” I tell Daniel before I disappear inside. “I don’t want to see him again.”

Daniel gulps as he turns back and watches the furious guy climbing out of the pool for the second time.

“What?” he gasps. “You want me to tell him?! Jackson! Jackson!!”

If Daniel wants to be the hotel manager, then he’s going to have to take care of the hotel. Besides, we have security he can call if he needs help.

I have more important matters to attend to.

With my girl held securely on my shoulder, I head to the private elevator in the staff area. Every head in the place turns and watches me in shock. I’m not known to be a ladies’ man, so this is an unusual sight.

The two women at the reception desk watch me with their mouths hanging open and their eyebrows raised as I charge behind the desk and head into the staff area.

“Mr. Connor,” one of them manages to spit out. “Is everything okay?”

I don’t think I’m physically capable of speaking, so I just keep hurrying over to the elevator.

It’s my own personal elevator that only goes to the penthouse suite, which is my home. I slide my keycard through the slot and the door opens with a ding.

I carry my Ella inside and hit the button for the penthouse.

“Umm,” she says in a shy voice as she taps my back with her fingertip. “Can you please put me down?”

The door is closed and we’re already moving. She’s safe now. Safe from wandering eyes and from being exposed to all those people. So, I reluctantly put her down.

I slide her off and her big breasts get snagged on my shoulder on the way down. Her adorable cheeks are burning red as she tries to pull the white cropped shirt down, but it snaps back up, barely covering her huge tits.

I’m rock hard. My cock is aching in the presence of this goddess. And since she’s only wearing bikini bottoms and that slutty little shirt with nothing on underneath, I know it’s not about to get softer any time soon.

I can see the outline of her hard nipples under that thing and a devious part of me wishes I had stolen a pitcher of water when I stole her.

She fixes her crooked glasses and our eyes meet. The force of her brown eyes on me is like a strike to the chest. It’s incapacitating. It’s exhilarating. My heart is beating frantically as we stare at each other like long-lost lovers separated and finally reunited after decades apart.

Only this is the first time we’ve met. We’re long-lost soulmates. I know that without a doubt. She was made for me and I was made for her.

“Where are we going?” she asks in a shy voice as her eyes dart around the elevator.

“To the penthouse suite,” I tell her in a voice that cracks with emotion. “It’s where I live.”

“You live in this hotel?”

“I own this hotel, so yeah.”

“Oh,” she says as she looks at me for a long moment. She seems to catch herself and drops her eyes to the ground as she tries to cover her breasts with her arms. She doesn’t have to be shy with me. She can stare at me all she wants.

“So, why are we going to your room?” she asks after a moment of silence.

“Why were you on stage at a wet t-shirt contest?” It’s the question that’s been running through my mind since I saw her standing up there. She looks too damn innocent for something like that. Doesn’t she know that her body was made for me and me only? If she doesn’t, she’s going to find out soon enough.

“My friends, well, they’re not exactly friends, but they made me do it. They pushed me on stage and wouldn’t let me off.”

My teeth clench as I look down at her. Those ‘friends’ aren’t going to be staying at my hotel for long after pulling that shit.

“You didn’t want to be up there?”

She shakes her head. “No! I was terrified. I’m not… I’m not like that. I’ve never… even… shown anyone my… okay, too much information.”

“You’re a virgin?” It just comes out. I have to know if there’s a sweet cherry in there waiting for me to claim. The question is burning within me. I can’t think straight until I know the answer.

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