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The DJ blasts some hip hop music while the MC grabs pitchers and starts pouring cold water over the girls’ chests, one at a time. There’s no way in hell he’s doing that to my girl. I’ll have to take the eyes of everyone here if they see what’s for my eyes only.

“Just take it off!” Daniel says as he grabs my shirt and starts pulling it. I forgot he was even here.

He’s got two hands on my shirt as I charge off, about to take what’s mine, and the material just rips away, tearing all around me.

I’m shirtless before I take three steps. I don’t care. My only care is getting my girl to safety.

There are so many people, but I just push through them all, spilling drinks and getting cussed at as I make my way to the stage.

The MC works his way along the line of girls, pouring pitcher after pitcher all over them, exposing their curves and hard nipples to the crowd.

Two girls are left and then it’s my Ella.

“Where the fuck are you going?” this big beefy frat dick says in a deep threatening voice as I try to pass. It’s the same prick who broke the bottle. He’s posturing up on me, trying to be the alpha of the place with his big stupid white sunglasses in his hair.

I’m the alpha. He’s about to find that out. I don’t have time to play. My girl is about to get doused with water and I’ve got to stop it.

This guy is probably a college football player. He’s built like one anyway. A few inches taller than me and a few inches wider.

I don’t give a fuck how much he can bench. He’s not stopping me.

Without a word, I punch him in the neck hard. His eyes fly open as he gasps for breath. I shove him to the side and he flies into the pool, taking two of his friends in with him.

The path to the stage is clear for me now. I run up and leap onto it just as the MC grabs two new pitchers and turns to my girl.

She looks so frightened. The poor girl is trembling, her face is pale, and she’s staring forward, but I can tell she’s not seeing anything.

I got her.

“No,” I snarl as I grab the MC’s arm and yank it away. Some of the water from the overflowing pitchers splashes onto my stomach, but most lands on the stage.

Ella looks at me, her eyes finally seeing me for the first time. I want to sink into that look forever, but there’s action to take.

“Not her!” I growl at the MC as he looks at me in shock. “She’s mine!”

I swoop her up in my arms and throw her over my shoulder. She whimpers as I carry her to the edge of the stage. Everyone is watching me in shock, but I don’t care if I look crazy. I’m a crazed wild man and proud of it when it comes to my girl.

My hand tightens on the back of her thigh as I leap down from the stage and land beside the pool. Her ass and pussy are so close to my face. I inhale deeply, trying to get a whiff of her scent, but all I smell is cheap perfume and AXE body spray from all the bodies around me.

There will be time to discover every enticing inch of her soon enough. I got her now, so it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be able to do anything I want to her.

A wet monstrous beast with flaring nostrils and a jacked body gets out of the pool and stands in front of me. He looks furious. It takes me a moment to recognize him even though it was only a few seconds ago that I pushed him into the pool in front of everyone. All of my focus has been on my girl.

“You’re a fucking dead man,” he hisses as he stares at me in a rage.

I don’t have time for this. I have a beautiful girl in my arms and I want to discover every part of her. This guy can fuck all the way off.

“Move,” I tell him. That’s his one warning.

“I’m going to kill you,” he says as he rolls his head and cracks his knuckles.

I have my girl on my shoulder, so I have to make this quick. I slam my knee into his balls as hard as I can. As he doubles over with an oomph, I push him hard back into the pool with my free hand. His ridiculous white sunglasses go flying and everyone laughs as he disappears under the water.

My focus is back on my girl once again and those soft breasts pressing against my back with only a thin layer of material between us. I pick up my pace as I bring her back to the hotel. This time, everyone clears a path for us and moves out of the way. They don’t want to get on my bad side. They’re smarter than they look.

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