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“Hello?!” Daniel shouts, jerking me out of my stunned stupor. I totally forgot he was even here.

I turn to him with my heart hammering in my chest. I can only last two seconds without my eyes on her, so I quickly turn back. It’s physically painful to look away.

“Are you on drugs, dude?” Daniel asks as he looks at me funny. “You just totally blanked out. Two questions: What kind of drugs are you on and can I have some?”

She’s my new drug. I can feel the addiction already taking root.

I need her. I have to have her. I’m like a junkie willing to do anything for a fix.

“Or, perhaps you saw someone interesting down there?” Daniel says as he jumps out of my chair. He comes over and spots my girl’s friends. “Look at those five girls by the bar. You gotta like one of them, right? I’ll take any of them. I’m not picky.”

“Yeah, I know that,” I say, still feeling breathless. “You made out with the lunch lady.”

“Don’t make fun,” he says with a scowl. “Martha was a good kisser. Her mustache tickled though.”

The MC gives the winner of the pushup challenge a t-shirt and kicks all the guys off the stage.

My eyes are locked on my girl as her friends order drinks. They order four and she’s left out. I’m wondering what her name is and dreaming about her scent as I watch her order a drink from the bartender. He gives her a draft beer and she takes the tiniest sips from it while her friends practically chug theirs.

She has a big t-shirt covering her body and I strain my eyes to read what’s written on it. Ravenclaw. My girl must be a Harry Potter fan.

I’m thankful for that shirt. She has a hell of a rack and I don’t want any of these fuckers to see what was made for my eyes only. Her body is mine and I don’t want to share the view with anyone.

Her friends, on the other hand, are all in their bikinis. I don’t even give them a glance. My eyes are locked on my beauty.

“We’re going to start the wet t-shirt contest!” the MC shouts into the mic. “We need some lovely ladies up here who want to win a shit ton of free beer!”

Some girls start making their way up to the stage and my hands start shaking as I look at my girl. I don’t like her down there without my protective eyes beside her. I’m starting to get an edgy feeling from being so far away.

“Wet t-shirt contest!” Daniel says with a squeal. “I’m going down!! Are you coming?”

“Yes,” I say in a scratchy voice.

He looks shocked as he turns to me. “You are?!”

“Something down there belongs to me,” I say as I stare at my girl while she takes another tiny sip of her beer. “And I’m going to get it.”

Chapter Three


* * *

It’s so loud down here. Everyone is half-naked and way too drunk.

I don’t like it. This is not my scene and it’s a struggle to keep a strained smile on my face. I can’t believe that this is going to be my next four days. It was such a mistake to come here.

Leah and her friends are not shy at all. They didn’t even bring t-shirts or a shawl to wrap around their waist. Just their tiny bikinis and flip-flops. I couldn’t leave the hotel room without a big t-shirt on. I just couldn’t.

There’s a quiver in my stomach as the girls whisper amongst themselves, leaving me excluded as usual. I look around, trying to move my shoulders a bit to the music, but it feels so forced and robotic. I must look as natural as a deer trying to fit in with a pack of wolves.

“Hey beautiful,” this big drunk frat boy with white sunglasses in his hair says as he walks up to me. Oh no. His eyes are half-closed and he’s spitting when he talks. He shamelessly stares at my chest and takes a long time to read one word. “Ravenclaw. I’m more of a pussy licker myself.”

“Oh god.” I turn away from him and hurry over to the other side of the girls.

“Ella, take that shirt off,” Mackenzie says with a roll of her eyes. “You’re making all the dicks shrivel up.”

She says it like it’s a bad thing.

“Yeah,” Addison says. “You need to loosen up. We’re in Daytona! Get crazy!”

“Last call for girls,” the MC shouts. “Last chance to join the wet t-shirt contest.”

The girls start looking at each other with evil mischievous looks. My blood goes cold as a chill passes through me. Something’s up. My warning alarm is ringing off the hook.

“Over here!” Mackenzie yells as she grabs my arm.

I gasp in horror as the crowd turns to me.

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