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I am finding a rhythm that matches hers. She thrusts up into me, causing me to bite down on my bottom lip. A sweet pain rips through me, stretching me, as I begin my gallop.





Her hard dick feels so fucking good.

Ooooh, yes, Lord God!

I am pushing.

She is pushing.

Our sexual undertaking becomes fast, fluid, rippling movements of pleasure. Everything about her seems to fit . . . perfectly. I gyrate myself atop of her. She reaches for me and kneads my nipples between her fingers as I roll my hips fast and deep, gripping every inch of her. Piercing heat courses through my skin, through my breasts, through my pussy, then settles on the tip of my clit. I am on the brink of coming. With each upward thrust, she hits the edges of my building orgasm, stoking the fire, taunting it out of me; the walls of my cunt strain against her rapid strokes.

I am bucking my hips, my breasts rapidly bouncing in sync with my gallop along the length of her long dick. Her hands steady on either side of my hips, bracing my ride.

“Yeah, fuck that dick, baby . . .”

“Mmmm . . . ooooh, aaaaaah . . . yessssss . . .”

Several more deep, probing strokes and I am coming—my pussy fusing, melting, over silicone. What’s left of the oxygen in my lungs has slipped out of me, causing me to feel lightheaded and weak. Anonymous slaps me on the ass, hard.

“Don’t get tired on me now, baby. This shit’s just starting to pop. Get up and get on ya motherfuckin’ knees for me. I want that pretty ass of yours up in the air.”

I feel my pulse quicken as she rolls me off of her. That quick, I have found my second wind, bracing myself in heated anticipation for round two as she gently gathers my hands behind my back and holds my wrists together as she jams her cock into my pussy.

I yelp. She fucks me, deep. Fucks into that sweet spot inside of me, causing a rushing wave of wet heat to splash out of me. Pleasure and pain swim to the surface, then pull me under, drowning me.

I give into the sensation; surrender to the waves’ undertow.

And scream.

The room is spinning. My mind is racing. My vision is blurred. I can’t recall when we changed positions again, but I am now on my side. Sandwiched in the middle of Anonymous and The Pussy Pleaser. The sweet musky scent of sweat and horny pussy surround us. The Pussy Pleaser is slowly grinding up against my ass. The weight of her cock presses against the seam of my ass. I moan, pushing back against it, my hot cunt spasms. I reach behind me and slowly jerk her cock in my hand as her lips, her teeth, graze my neck and earlobe. Anonymous’ lips are on mine. Our mouths open, out tongues meet, then swirl. The kiss deepens as she kneads my breasts, rolling my nipples between her fingers. I moan. Suck on her tongue. Swallow it in as deep as it’ll go, as if it were a miniature dick, a hard wet clit.

One hand snakes between my thighs, pressing against my clit, pinching it, then rubbing slow circles over it. Another hand is in between my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Fingers slide into my pussy. Slide down the cleft of my ass. I am humping hands, sucking fingers deeper into my pussy; clamping fingers between my ass cheeks.

My moans fill the room.

Without a word spoken, The Pussy Pleaser lifts up my left leg and Anonymous slowly slides her long dick into my wetness. The thought, the knowing, of having both of my holes filled by two sexy studs causes a delicious surge of heat and contractions to sweep through my pussy.

Anonymous is now holding my leg, thrusting slow and deep while The Pussy Pleaser spreads open my ass. She licks her fingers, then inserts them into my ass. I moan and grind. Anonymous sucks my nipple into her mouth, bites down on it as The Pussy Pleaser finger-fucks my ass, testing and teasing and taunting my hole.

“Oooooh, yessss . . . mmmmm . . . uhhh . . .”

The Pussy Pleaser’s fingers slide out of my open and ready ass, pressing the head of her cock against its center. I push my luscious ass back, begging for it. And she gives it to me—all of it. Inch by inch, pushing into my ass. She is now holding my leg up, fucking into my ass. Anonymous pinches my clit, fucking into my pussy.

“Yeah, baby,” The Pussy Pleaser mutters against my earlobe, “you like two stud dicks in your tight ass and pussy, don’t you . . .?”

I gasp.

Air catches in the back of my throat and I choke on a moan. They are both stroking a blazing fire inside of me. Anonymous fucks into the wet flames of my pussy. The Pussy Pleaser fucks into the steamy tight heat of my ass. Together, the two of them are working their magic sticks, causing my cunt and asshole to do all types of delicious tricks.

Anonymous draws my leg over her hip, opening me farther to her strokes, to The Pussy Pleaser’s strokes. They have me trapped between the heat and wetness. Between the delights of their cocks and the slick sound of my pussy, swishing and sloshing as they pump into me, pushing deep, stretching wide.

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