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She cupped her breasts, thumbing her stiff nipples. The gesture almost seemed unconscious until she coasted her hand down her torso to encircle him where he pumped into her pussy. She gripped him at the base, squeezing him while her wicked eyes danced in the shifting light from her desk lamp. Purple streaks highlighted her hair and added shadows that made her lips look even more full.

Oh, fuck, those lips.

He surged into her until he couldn’t go any farther, brushing her clit with every pass. Crushing her fingers between their bodies, adding an extra layer of friction.

The wilder he stroked into her, the more fiercely the nails of her free hand scored his back. She reached down to grab his ass, hauling him into her so roughly that he couldn’t hold back his shout. The bedframe rammed against the wall, likely gouging out the paint, and still he swiveled into her, finding angles that nudged her to new heights. He grasped her breast, massaging it while she sucked him balls deep. She was so tight and slick, and she met his thrusts beat for beat. That she was as close as he was to the edge turned him on almost as much as the unrelenting grip of her pussy.

Des gazed into her hazy eyes. In them he saw so much more than passion. She was open to him, all the way. Body, soul and heart.

She bowed up, sobbing through her pleasure. Her shudders reverberated through his body, becoming his own. She pumped more wetness over him, prodding him to enter her faster. Harder. Pounding into her so that his sac slapped against her ass. The sounds of their lovemaking offset her cries and stole his focus from her manic thrashing. She didn’t restrain anything. What she needed from him, she took.

Tonight they both took. And gave.

He pulled back, stopping just barely inside her. “Look at me,” he whispered, hating that she’d finally closed her eyes. Her lashes rose and her lips fell apart as he drove into her one last time. “Baby, I’ve never…this has never…Wendy.”

Buried within her, the tingling in his spine exploded in a rush that damn near splintered his balls. He came hard, holding back nothing.

Now she owned this part of him as she owned all the rest.

Gasping, he collapsed on top of her, his mouth at her breast. The flavor of her skin grounded him. And he drowned in it, just as he’d drowned himself in her.

He almost didn’t notice as she eased away from him and shimmied down the sheets. Her mouth gloved his spent cock and tore a grunt from him, but she didn’t relent. She swirled up and down his length, using all the carnal knowledge she’d gained from him the last couple of weeks. Holy shit, he was actually getting erect again.

She was a miracle worker. A goddamn dirty angel. His.

When she clasped her fingers around his sac, tugging gently, he hissed a curse and fisted her satin pillows. When she deep throated him so damn hard that he had to clench his ass to stave off his orgasm, he grabbed one of her ponytails and dragged her off.

She smiled up at him, rubbing her breasts so blatantly that his dick gave a pulse in defeat. He grabbed the base, twisting. It didn’t help. She pinched her nipples and flexed her hips, letting him see exactly how excited getting him off made her.

“Roll over.”

As soon as she obliged, he snatched her ponytails, yanking them while he positioned himself behind her. He trailed his cock over the crack of her ass, making her moan, before sliding down and powering into her drenched slit.

“Fuck yes. Give me that pussy.” He crushed her to the mattress, still stunned he could even do this again so soon. It was a banner frigging night. Seeing that round ass bobbing in front of him, feeling that brush of fingers that let him knowing she was touching herself again, urging them both to that point there was no coming back from—God, he couldn’t take it.

His body went on auto pilot and his hearing dimmed, tuned only to Wendy’s keening moans and her moisture bathing his cock. She rocked back to meet him and he gentled his hold on her hair, releasing one of her ponytails to rain a light series of smacks on her ass. Testing to see if she really enjoyed that sort of play or had just tolerated it to please him and Cole.

She cried out and shuddered through a brutal climax, contracting around him so violently that he used her hair to pull her up again to make sure she hadn’t passed out. She mumbled unintelligible words, her hips still racing under his, her nails digging into the sheets.

“Oh, baby. You’re incredible.” He plowed into her until the sexy line of her spine and the curve of her ass blurred. Until his life’s purpose distilled to emptying himself in her. Giving her all of him, even when he’d been sure there was nothing left.

There was always more, with her.

Des shouted as his release jetted deep into her body. A little trickled out around his shaft, which didn’t exactly help in bringing him back down from his high. By the time he finished pounding into her, even his damn balls were sore.

He collapsed atop her, knowing he shouldn’t. He should move.

Yeah, he should do that. Someday.


Now he was hearing voices. At least they knew his name. “Mmm?”

“Why wouldn’t you make love to me before? With Cole?” She rushed ahead. “I thought… God, I thought so many things. But I want to hear the truth from you.”

Somehow he summoned the strength to roll over and draw her into his arms. She belonged there. If he hadn’t known that before tonight, he was damn certain of it now.

“That guy Johnny who raised me? He was my mom’s best friend. After she died, I ended up with him and his wife. They divorced when I was in college and he died a couple of years back.”

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