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Part of Wendy wondered if Van was jealous. If she knew what was going on because she’d experienced it herself—or wanted to.

“Are you really that worried about her?” Des’s mouth skated up the side of Wendy’s neck to her ear. They were alone in Des’s office, and all she wanted was him inside her. Finally. “She won’t interfere with us. Van’s a long-term, loyal employee.”

The door opened. Van and Cole entered, both of them wearing wide grins. Wendy startled and tried to step away, but Des slid his fingers down the placket of her blouse, flicking open the buttons. “You trust us, don’t you?”

Right then she didn’t trust anything. But she didn’t move.

Once she was down to her bra, he popped open the clasp and the cups fell away. He palmed one of her breasts, rubbing his cock in circles against her ass while she fought to look anywhere but at Van. What must her friend think?

Cole shut the door and locked them in together. Both men were already breathing hard. And Van…

Wendy didn’t dare look up to see what her friend was doing.

“Isn’t her body beautiful?” Des thumbed Wendy’s nipples until they beaded. Her clit swelled at his rough cadence. At knowing she was being watched and caressed by the man she cared about so much. “I’ll let one of you have her sweet pussy. Who will it be, Ms. Stanton?”

“You,” Wendy gasped, jerking up in bed. “You, dammit.”

She rubbed her eyes and chanted a silent thank you that she was alone. Van was a good friend, but there were boundaries she had no interest in crossing. Sex with a woman—or any of its variations—was one of them.

Though she didn’t doubt one bit that the guys would love to see their secretaries together. At least they’d never mentioned it.

Maybe she should. Even if she couldn’t address the whole Des not fucking her thing, she could tell them about the underlying tension with Van. If they’d slept with Van too, she’d end their affair effective immediately. She wasn’t some office plaything, despite how it might seem.

It wasn’t as if she was any closer to actually going out with Des either. All she’d gotten were a few laughs and a lot of orgasms.

Admittedly, not an altogether bad deal.

She went to work that day full of purpose. It was the Friday before Christmas and she figured it was the right time to call a halt to their fuckstrative relationship. The holiday season was about fun and celebrating, but it would soon be January and she wanted to kick the year off on the right foot. Not on her knees or her belly.

Sure you do.

She kept busy throughout the morning, waiting until Van went out to lunch to march into the conference room where Des and Cole were poring over a map. At first she thought they were mapping some hot new property up for sale, but nope, they were looking at Maine. Maine?

“I’ve heard this new lodge has some of the best skiing in the area.” Cole jabbed the map. “Dude, seriously, just come. Mom even bought that stupid Tofurky for you. And I hate fuckin’ Tofurky. Tastes like ass.”

“You’re a vegan?” she asked from the doorway, biting her lip as both men glanced her way. This was yet another reason she wasn’t comfortable being their lover. The lines at work blurred. They might be easygoing bosses, but they still signed her checks. “Sorry to interrupt,” she muttered.

“You didn’t.” Des rose as he always did when she entered the room. “Van at lunch?” When she nodded, he held out his arm, inviting her closer.

She couldn’t help stepping into that hug any more than she could resist sniffing the collar of his shirt. He smelled like soap and spice, sans aftershave since he was rocking full scruff. Frigging hot.

“To answer your question,” he tugged on her braid, “yes, I’m a vegan. Most of the time, minus a few occasional lapses. Have been since high school when Johnny went out to hunt and came back with a doe on the roof of the car. Meat lost a lot of its appeal after that.”

Cole grinned. “But you’ll notice he still wears his Italian leather shoes.”

Des shrugged. “A man’s gotta have some vices.” He reached down to pat her on the ass. “I do have my favorites, I’ll admit.”

“Who’s Johnny?” she asked to avoid commenting on his favorite vices. She wanted to make sure they set the right tone for a serious discussion.

Something flitted across his expression. “The man who raised me.”

She wanted to ask more, almost did, but Cole cleared his throat. “Wen, convince him he needs to head north with me this weekend. What else is his sorry ass going to do here alone? Scratch his balls to the tune of “White Christmas”?”

“Don’t you have people here to spend the holiday with, Des?”

He gave her another shrug. “I’m not big on holidays in general. Usually I either visit Cole’s folks or I…do some stuff here.”

Visions of Des engaging in the debauchery she’d already glimpsed up close and personal danced in her brain. “Stuff like what?”

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