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God, no. “It was nothing.”

Van looked genuinely disappointed. “Dud in the sack?”

“Of course not.” Wendy’s mind whirled. What would make this conversation end the fastest? “I think he’s gay. Maybe.” Actually she didn’t think Des or Cole was gay, since they’d both been into her. Clearly they were bisexual. But it seemed as good an excuse as any.

“Damn. Bet he was hot too.” Van patted her arm and leaned toward the mirror to touch up her flawless lipstick.

This she could answer without lying. “Oh, yeah.”

“Sucks. Sorry, chica.”

“Me too.” Wendy picked up her purse and smiled at her friend. “Guess we’d better get out there.”

“Yeah, there’s tinsel fucking everywhere. I’m surprised I didn’t pick any out of my ass.” Van shook her head and led the way back to their desks.

So much for catching Des in the office alone.

For most of the day, Wendy didn’t have a chance to think. Between the seriously sinful architects who marched through for an urgent meeting with Des and Cole and a mix-up with their standard housewarming flower delivery to new homeowners, it was a Monday to end all Mondays. But at least there was hardly any time for awkwardness between her and her bosses.

Then she heard Van giggling with Cole.

Stomach sinking to her ankles, Wendy rolled her chair closer to her cubicle partition in time to hear Van mention Wen’s craptastic weekend with a guy who played for the other team. Shit.

She rolled back to her desk and pounded her forehead on her blotter. Hard.

God, she needed to leave. It was five, right? She shot up in her seat and glanced at the time. Three-flipping-thirteen.

But she hadn’t taken a lunch yet. She could sneak out for a sandwich and creep back in when—

Her phone rang and she picked it up, shutting her eyes. She didn’t bother to say hello. “Ms. Stanton, my office, please. Now.” Des sounded completely cool and composed. Totally fuckable.

“Yes, sir.” She hung up and stabbed her thumbnail into her palm. Her time of reckoning had come. She’d blown and screwed her way around a firing Friday night, but now she was going to get it.

Was it wrong that she wanted to ask if she could get the other it again before they booted her out the door? Preferably by Des this time? Not that she hadn’t enjoyed having sex with Cole, but he wasn’t her boss. Err, he was, but he wasn’t Des.

Dammit all to hell, she wanted Des. Even more so now.

So maybe she needed to show him that she didn’t mind handling a few extra tasks around the office? Blowing, and filing, and typing, and fucking…

She adjusted her suit. She’d worn power red today, hoping it would give her a boost. That it looked good with her coloring and the snug skirt revealed lots of leg? Absolutely irrelevant.

While she stood there fiddling with her clothes, the phone rang again. She answered, her belly fluttering in anticipation of hearing his deep, sexy voice. “Now, Wendy.”

“On my way.” She hung up and strode down the hall, determined to project an outward air of confidence. She was a valuable employee. There was no reason at all to think she’d be fired for such small transgressions.

Then she saw Des standing in his doorway and she stumbled.

Instead of moving to help her, he crossed his arms. Ankles too. He made her think of a king, waiting to be served. That he wore a pair of black jeans, crisp white shirt, and formal pinstriped vest—and a smirk, can’t forget the smirk—didn’t diminish his kingly air.

She slipped past him into the room. The slam of the door made her jump, and quick as a snake, he shoved her face-first against the wall. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep quiet. At least she hadn’t pleaded. Yet.

His minty breath warmed her cheek as he pressed to her back. “So I’m gay.”

Yep, there was no stopping the squeak then. Classy. “Uh, I didn’t say you were gay. That the…individual might be gay. The fictional man I slept with, I mean.” She shook her head. “I’m just going to stop talking now.”

“No, it’s fascinating. Tell me more.” While he spoke, he ga

thered her wrists and—bound them. What the hell?

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