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Pulling back, he watches his thick cock as it glides in and out.

“Fuck, Faye that is so damn sexy. Look how perfect our bodies fit together.” I can only nod as I concentrate on my building orgasm.

Right when I am on the brink of letting go and falling over the edge, he pulls completely out and says, “I want you riding me when we cum. Want to watch that sweet pussy milk my cock, taking every ounce of my cum, baby.” His voice is husky and sexy and there is no way I could deny him if I tried.

I know what he said about being safe, not wanting kids just yet, but damn do I want him cumming all in my pussy, filling me up with his essence.

I don’t worry about my size, I know Darin loves me curves and all. I straddle him and

give my husband what he wants, impaling myself on his cock as he holds it up waiting for me. My velvet heat sinks down on him and my eyes nearly roll back in my head. Those rough, calloused hands grip my hips, rocking my body into his setting the pace. He lifts his hips thrusting up into me just as hard as I am slamming down on him and riding. It isn’t long before we are both getting off.

When I feel him tense and go still, his hot cum shoots inside me, marking my womb, owning me completely.


Faye and I have been married for three years. The business is still doing great and she is still cock teasing me around the office. Some days it’s damn hard to keep my hands off her. She still drives me wild in those tight skirts that hug those thick hips. She’s strutting into my office right now in a red one that fits so snug on her ass, I can see the outline of her cheeks, and I know she isn’t wearing panties.

She sets my coffee down on my desk. “Will that be all, Mr. Lyons?” She smiles at me raking those pearly white teeth over her red lips. My cock is so damn hard. I have to have her right here right now.

“You can close the damn door and bend over my desk, so I can fuck you, baby.”

A giggle tears out of her, the sweetest sound I have ever heard other than the giggles of our daughter coming over the monitor. I glance at the camera and see Beans licking her face as she tugs on his ear from her walker. We turned Eddie’s former office into a playroom for Gretchen. She’s eight months old and looks just like her mother.

As for Eddie, he’s running the Colorado office and enjoying the single life.

“You’re so bad,” my beautiful wife teases me.

“I’m not playing. I need you.”

“And who is going to watch the office and Gretchen?”

“Bean has it covered,” I tease her.

She leans across my desk and pulls me forward by my tie.


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