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Curves: You’re killing me. How am I supposed to get any work done now? I can’t stop thinking about how you’re going to fit in my mouth…

Pineappleman: Fuck, I’m so hard. Can you go into the bathroom? I need to see you now!

I look at my brother’s office and the door is closed. I lean my ear to it and it sounds like he is on the phone with his bitch fiancé. I’m sure he will be a while. I wonder if Darin’s office is unlocked. He does have a couch in there. I try the handle and it opens. I can’t believe I am considering this.

My phone buzzes and I have a photo from Enzo. It’s a picture of him undoing his zipper.

I slip into the unoccupied office and lock the door behind me. I take a quick look around I don’t think there is a camera in here.

Curves: Call me now

I shoot off the text as I lay back on the small black leather couch and hike up my skirt.

My phone buzzes and I accept the call, immediately smiling when my screen fills with him stroking himself.

I angle my phone between my legs and pull my lace panties to the side of my pussy lips and start rubbing circles over my clit.

“Goddamn, baby, I want you so bad,” I hear him say.

“I wish you were here right now, I’d run my tongue up and down your shaft,” I whisper.

“Finger yourself. I need to see those fingers slide in and out of your pussy. Show me how you want me to fuck you when I see you again.”

I close my eyes and do as he says. I don’t know if it’s his voice or Darin’s photograph staring at me from his desk but I am getting so turned on.

Pulling my panties aside further I start rubbing, sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy and just when I am really getting into it the door clicks open and Darin is standing in the doorway.

My eyes meet his and I freeze.

Darin folds his arms over his chest. His nostrils flare as anger washes over him. “What are you doing?”


“Why’d you stop?” I hear Enzo ask through the speaker from between my legs.

“Faye? What’s going on?”

I say the first thing that pops into my head. “I was doing one of those over the phone doctor appointments.” Then I hang up on Enzo while pulling my skirt down and hauling ass to my car.

When I get outside I realize I don’t even have my keys or my purse. I look around the parking lot so embarrassed not knowing what to do. My phone keeps buzzing. I know it is probably Enzo but I will have to talk to him later.

Darin comes running out with Eddie following closely behind.

“What the hell, Faye?” Darin grabs my arm roughly.

“Let go.” I try to yank away from him but he won’t loosen his hold. His fingers bite into my skin harder, and I am sure he is gonna leave a mark.

“Dude, let go of my sister,” Eddie demands.

“Sorry,” Darin mumbles and his hand falls away.

“What’s going on?” Eddie questions looking at the two of us.

“We should take this inside,” Darin suggests and I notice workers from the other shops around us watching from their windows.

I sigh and follow them back inside reluctantly.

“Did you tell her?” My brother says quietly as I walk over to my desk.

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