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Her foot inched up my thigh to my bulging crotch. There it touched and tickled and stroked, all outside my pants. It made me lick faster and moan, turning my tongue into a vibrator.

I chanced a look up at her to find her head thrown back and her hands on her nipples. Fuck, that was hot. I worked harder and faster, desperate to please her.

She rocked into me, and I thought she would come, but then she pushed my head away. Disoriented, I put my hands on the floor behind me to stop my fall.

“Bad!” she said.

Then she slapped me.

I was stunned. What the hell? And I’d almost climaxed right then.

“I said to keep your hands behind your back and you can’t even follow simple instructions,” she barked.

She was right. As humiliating as it was, she was right.

With a shove, she pushed me onto my back, and this time I let myself fall. My head thudded softly on the ground, and I was flat. I wanted to glance up, to see if I was doing it right, if I should move or do something to please her, but I was afraid even that would be wrong. She hadn’t told me to move, so I wouldn’t.

Her foot prodded the side of my stomach. Not so much a nudge to move as an exploratory kick. Would she kick me harder? Would she beat me? I almost wanted it. Almost.

Her foot pressed down, not swiftly, but slowly harder until she had half her weight on me. Then she stepped up and placed her other foot on the center of my stomach. I clenched tight, trying to hold her up and not move. She wasn’t a large woman, rather petite, but it was still hard as hell.

My entire body clenched, not just my stomach, as she stepped down the side of my cock.

“How are you doing?” she asked, facing away.

“Fine,” I said through gritted teeth.

With small steps she moved onto my thighs, which shook from the effort of remaining still. I felt exhilarated. Invincible, which was strange considering I was literally being walked all over.

Then she hopped off, straddling her feet on either side of my hips, and I almost bucked up from the shock of it. Then she bent over – God, what a view – and rolled a condom that I hadn’t even known she held onto my cock.

Squatting down, she lowered her pussy around my cock. I groaned, shivering beneath her. I wanted to move so badly. I wanted to thrust up into her, to grab her body and ram myself in again and again, but I couldn’t. I was supposed to lie here, still and compliant. I knew that. So I trembled and was humiliated to hear little whimpers emerge from my mouth as she pulled back up and then down again.

She rode me like I was a dildo, changing the angle, slowing down or speeding up to suit her purposes. I was just a cock to her right now, but my cock was aching. It wanted to thrust, it wanted to come.

My hands scrabbled at the carpet, trying to hold onto something. This would be so much easier if I were bound. Tied down, unable to move. Now my limbs, my hips, even my head, all strained upward against nothing but the force of my own will to please her.

From behind, I saw her arms reach down to her crotch. I felt her fingers as they glanced off my cock, working her clit. She came, shuddering and crying out, pulsing around my sheathed cock. I was panting myself, hoping I could come, knowing I would soon whether she gave me permission or not.

She paused with me fully embedded inside her as she recovered. Each aftershock from her pussy was like a needle in my cock, goading me to come.

Standing, she wobbled a bit on her legs. Pride filled me that I had done that to her, even if it was only sitting my cock up like a prop for her to ride.

“Well,” she said, breathless. “Have you learned your lesson? Do you think you can keep your hands behind your back?”

I gulped. If she wanted me to eat her out again, then I wouldn’t be allowed to come soon. I wasn’t sure I could make it. But what choice did I have?

“Yes,” I said hoarsely.

“Stand up.”

I stood. Painfully, but I stood.

Her eyes sated and her body lax, she reached down and tapped my cock, watching it bob. Each sway throbbed through my balls and my whole body. I grunted.

She tapped again, harder this time, and I grunted again. It was all I could do not to cry out.

“Hands behind your back,” she said, gently, as if I were stupid. And I guess I was, not to get it right the first time.

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