Sexy Stranger - Page 34

Knock ’em dead, duchess. I’ll be up there waiting.

I smiled and tucked the card down the bodice of my dress for safekeeping. This was it—the big moment.

Molly and Valentina slipped from the room and I turned again, taking one last look in the mirror before the music changed, signaling my entrance. My father would be waiting outside the door for me, his arm outstretched, waiting to walk me toward the man of my dreams. Then Luke would be there at the gazebo with the minister, counting on me.

And he could count on me all he wanted.

Because when I got to his side? There was no chance of me going anywhere else in this whole wide world.

Moments later, we headed out, and three steps down the grassy path littered with flowers, my gaze met Luke’s. A warm shiver raced over my skin as the emotion in his eyes hit me. I’d never seen him filled with such awe—or such sheer happiness. And I knew in that moment that our life together would be beautiful. I could envision it all—laughter, love, passion, babies, and all the sweet whiskey kisses I could handle.

For ever and ever.

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