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All the while, I worked him with one hand, loving the way his thighs twitched with every long, deep suck. With him still inside my mouth, I let out a little moan of approval, simultaneously loving and hating the ache in my jaw that was building with every passing thrust. My lips were becoming sore with sweet, sensitive heat, and I knew when I pulled away, they would be swollen and red from my efforts. This, I knew, would only make his kisses cooler by comparison in the best, most scintillating way.

That was, if he kissed me at all. For all I knew, he might simply bend me over the table and have his wicked way with me—just like his little stick figures had done.

“Enough,” he groaned as his commanding grip dragged me back and away from him. “I can’t fucking take it anymore. Take off those pants and let me see what’s mine.”

With the deep rumble of his voice, I knew better than to argue, even though I felt bereft the second my lips left him. Standing, I unzipped my jeans and stepped carefully out of them until I was in nothing but a bright blue scrap of lace. Silently, I hooked my thumbs under the elastic, but then Luke was on his knees in front of me, his teeth on my panties as he dragged them to the floor. When he righted himself, he kissed me between my thighs, and I let out another little shiver of pleasure.

“Bend over,” he commanded, and again I followed his lead.

With one hand, I swept aside the papers we’d spent all day toiling over and then bent over the table, careful to pull myself onto my tiptoes so he could get a nice, good look at what I knew he wanted most to see.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “I wish I could take a picture. I could stare at your pussy all day, baby.”

I shot a smile at him from over my shoulder.

Apparently, that was all it took. With another muttered oath, he gripped himself and drove into me hard and fast, and I let out a little gasp.

His powerful fingers dug into my thighs, and with greedy, hungry thrusts, he bent my body to his will. With one hand on the table to steady me, I reached the other between my legs and pleasured myself, heightening the steady push and pull of his swollen cock as he drove into me harder and harder still.

“That’s it, baby. I love watching you touch yourself,” he rasped.

I looked over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of the steady concentration in his eyes. With every thrust, his jaw ticked with desperate need, and the sight of it alone made me let out a little moan of pleasure. If this was our last time together, I was going to make it memorable. I was going to make sure we came together.

Working myself faster still, I clenched around his huge length, and he let out another low groan.

“Fuck,” he muttered, and I pushed back against him, causing him to take me even faster than before.

With every move, he pushed deeper inside me. I closed my eyes, savoring the way my inner walls tightened, shaking and quaking to the point of spilling over into orgasm.

I was so close, so close to the edge, and all I had to do was—

“Damn, Charlotte.”

My name on his lips was like the key to a hidden room. A surge of euphoria rushed over me and I gripped the table with both hands, using it to steady myself as the orgasm ripped through my every cell. My channel closed over him, gripping and releasing in a flurry of spasms.

“Luke,” I cried.

His fingers dug into my skin to the point of pain as he bucked against me, groaning and flexing as he came, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel him letting go, losing himself in me as I lost myself in him. Having everything, everything we could give each other.

Even if it was only for a little while.

Chapter Fifteen


“Shit.” I rolled over and rubbed my eyes before glancing at the digital clock on my nightstand, all too aware that Charlotte was still curled next to me, her hair splayed across my blue pillowcase.

“What?” she mumbled as she reached for me, pulling me closer.

“I missed church.”

“Just go to a later service.”

She moved onto her side, her warm, naked skin rubbing against my thigh. I turned over, hugging her close until my rigid cock was pressed against the seam of her ass. Minx that she was, she wiggled against me, coaxing me to pin her down and do all the things I’d done to her last night over and over again.

“There is no other service. The minister is probably already with his family for the day.”

“What, to go and ask for confession or something?” She yawned and snuggled against my chest.

“Catholics have confession. Not Baptists.”

She shrugged. “Potato, tomato.”

“Not the saying. Now, come on.” I flipped the covers from over her and she yanked them back up again—although not before I caught sight of her creamy skin and full breasts.

“What? I’m not going anywhere. It’s sleepy time.”

She pulled the covers over her head, and I walked around to her side of the bed, kissing the lump on the comforter where I knew her head was hidden.

“We missed the service, but we still have Sunday lunch with Molly and Duke. If we don’t show up, they’ll come to check on us. And do you want them finding you like this?”

Her blue eyes peeked out from the edge of the comforter. “Maybe.” She reached out from beneath it and ran a finger up the length of my thigh, tempting me from my knee to the inside of my leg, and then higher . . .

My cock gave a gratified twitch, and for a moment I pictured her leaning forward to take me in her mouth again, her morning hair still tousled as she moved her head up and down and worked me over.

“You like me,” she teased, smiling as my cock twitched at the mental image.

I stepped away from her and pointed to where she’d left her suitcase.

“Come on and get dressed. We can talk about how much I like you later.”

I headed for my dresser before I could see her pout—another reminder of how full and luscious those lips of hers were—and made quick work of dressing. Pulling my old Stallions ball cap over my head a few minutes later, I turned and found her all dolled up in a pretty lavender sundress that showed off her slender curves.

“You look incredible.”

She grinned at me and I took her hand, ready to pull her to the truck, but before I did, she quickly lifted the hem of her dress, flashing me.

I blinked in surprise, my brain stuttering to a dead stop. “Are you . . .”

She shook her head. “Nope. Not wearing panties. You know, in case you change your mind on the way there.”

Hot. Damn. This woman would be the death of me.

Throwing her onto the bed, I decided it would be best to take a little detour before hitting the road.

• • •

Half an hour later, when we were both sated and her hair was more mussed than before, we jumped into the truck and hightailed it to What the Cluck. Duke’s pickup was already in the parking lot, and we pulled up beside it.

Molly and Duke were waiting for us inside, the table already laden with our regular order of fried chicken, green beans, and biscuits. When I walked through the door, my sister gave me the kind of knowing look that made my cheeks warm.

If she’d been there, she would have known there was nothing I could do, though. Not when I had Charlotte so close and willing, sans panties.

Not when our time was almost up.

At least we’d shown up for lunch despite what we could be doing. Church was important, but family was my religion.

Charlotte and I sat on the bench opposite my siblings, and Molly grinned at us before offering us the plates she’d already dished out for us.

“How was church?” Charlotte asked brightly.

“It was wonderful. The sermon was about forgiveness,” Molly said, eyeing me.

“Then you won’t mind that we’re late,” I shot back, and Molly shot me another cutting look.

Duke just laughed. “We might, but I don’t think Mr. and Mrs. French will.” He nodded toward the older couple sitting in the corner of the room with the reverend and his wife.

“My absence was noted?” I raised my eyebrows.

Duke shrugged. “You know how Mrs. French is.”

“I don’t,” Charlotte said, and I winced, wishing my brother would stuff a sock in it.

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