Sexy Stranger - Page 14

She let out a little gasp and cried out, “Luke!”

As a reward, I pushed one finger inside her and closed my eyes as her walls quaked around it. Another rush of blood and need surged to my cock, making it pulse against the cutting zipper of my jeans, but I ignored it. Right now, this was all about Charlotte—hearing her scream, needing her to call my name.

I pushed another finger inside and she jerked against my movement, urging me to give her more.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Luke, yes.”

I sucked harder on her nipple, knowing that I might mark her with my teeth, but somehow that thought made me even more rock-hard than before. The idea of watching her tits bounce while I fucked her and looking at the spot where I’d claimed her as mine . . .

Fuck, I couldn’t think of a single thing sexier than that.

“Please, I want to feel you, Luke,” she cried out.

I pumped my fingers in and out as she rocked against my hand. Her hips lifted and writhed as I worked inside her, and I sucked harder against her skin, willing myself to focus on anything other than how good she felt, how ready.

But it was impossible. Here in the moonlight with all of nature around us, she was prettier and more perfect than I could have imagined. If I didn’t free my cock and fuck her soon, I was going to explode.

When she begged, “Luke, please,” I released her nipple with a little pop and kissed my way down her stomach, raking my nails over her sensitive skin with my free hand. Lowering myself down her body, I pushed my fingers even deeper inside as her channel quaked and crashed around me, then pressed my lips to her pretty pink bud.

“Oh my . . .” The last word was drowned out by a sharp gasp as my tongue swept out to tease her.

Gently, I used the tip of my tongue to draw little figure eights over her, and she wriggled beneath my touch, her hips bucking into my mouth as I fucked her with my fingers over and over again.

I knew it wasn’t enough. She wanted more, wanted everything. Just like I did. But tonight, we would both have to wait a little longer.

When I finally gripped myself and pushed inside her, it was going to be perfect. Almost as perfect as she looked right here and now.

The moonlight shone on her creamy skin as I looked up at her, meeting her gaze as I lashed her bud again with my tongue.

“I can’t wait to see what you look like when you come,” I murmured, and then sucked her clit gently as she rocked into me again. “Does your mouth open in a cute little o?”

“Do you want me to show you?” She grasped the blanket on either side of her, and the walls of her pussy quaked around my fingers again, harder and tighter than before.

“No,” I ground out. “I want to feel it.”

This was the moment—my one shot to get it right.

Pulling my fingers from her, I said, “Keep going.”

At my gruff command, she took the lead, her deft fingers circling her bud while I made quick work of shoving down my boxers and pulling a condom over my shaft. Watching her was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Hurry,” she begged, and her eyes squeezed shut. “I’m so close.”

I pulled her panties aside before shoving myself so deep inside that her breath caught, and I was pushed almost to the breaking point. That hot, tight channel squeezed me so tightly, I let out a groan.

All around me, she shuddered with pleasure. Her hands returned to the blanket, tugging at it as she writhed against me. It was all so intense—the warm wetness of her pussy, the straining ache of my cock, and more than anything else, the fierce, desperate need for more.

With every little shiver of movement, there was an instant of gratification, a sliver of pleasure, but that hunger grew too, gnawing at my insides and begging me to lose control. I wanted desperately to fuck her harder, to take her in my arms and thrust so deep and fast, she wouldn’t be able to breathe.

“Fuck yeah, baby.” I leaned back and grabbed her thighs, watching as her tits bounced up and down with every thrust.

Briefly, I wondered what it would look like for me to come on those perfect tits of hers, my pearly seed coating her creamy white skin.

Then her mouth dropped into a little o, just as I’d hoped it would, and I wasn’t thinking anything at all. She shuddered, murmuring my name under her breath.

With another shiver of pleasure at the sight, I gripped her harder still and demanded, “Scream for me, duchess.”

It didn’t take much convincing.

“Luke!” she cried, and her voice echoed back to us through the night air. “Luke!”

“Yes, baby, scream.”

“Fuck me,” she cried, and that was enough to send me over the edge.

Cupping one breast, I pinched her nipple as she bucked and trembled beneath me. God, she was beautiful, her perfect face tense with her need, her breast silky soft in my hand, and her tight cunt hugging me like a fist. The shivers of her orgasm were still rolling over her as mine came to the cliff and paused at the edge.

As I looked down at Charlotte in the moonlight, my cock glossy with her wetness as I pushed and pulled our bodies together, it was enough to make my balls ache, locked and ready for takeoff.

Quickly, I pulled her knees up to my chest and took her deeper, closing my eyes as the wet warmth of her sent a shiver through my veins, and my climax built. A low, deep groan was ripped from my lips as the gnawing pressure in my gut intensified, then loosened and spread through my body, sending frissons of satisfaction through me as hot streams spurted from my swollen length.

As the final waves of pleasure crashed down over me, I had only one thought.

We need to do this again . . .

And again and again.

Chapter Ten


Friday morning, I awoke in Luke’s massive four-poster bed. Its blue sheets were twisted and disheveled, bearing the evidence of our lovemaking from last night, round two once we ended up here after leaving that magical hilltop.

His side of the bed was empty, and I could hear noises downstairs. Stretching leisurely, I noted my body felt tender and used in all the best ways. Luke made love with the same passion and intensity that he lived his life—he was wild, strong, and a bit hotheaded. I’d enjoyed myself immensely last night.

These last few days spent exploring each other’s worlds were better than I could have dreamed. The most shocking revelation was that I’d gotten a taste of country life and I didn’t hate it. The people, the food, the pace, the lifestyle—all were things I wasn’t used to. But here in Shady Grove, I was learning to slow down and enjoy each moment, to savor each day. As unexpected as it was, I suspected I was learning a life lesson in the process.

But as much fun as I’d had with Luke, I already knew that our fling had a ticking clock attached to it. Eventually, the alarm would sound and it would all be over—I’d go back to my world, and he to his. A little pang of guilt flared inside me—I hadn’t told him how I’d ended up here, or what I was running from. Now that we’d been intimate, I felt like my omission had been a bald-faced lie. But then again, maybe I didn’t have to spill my guts about the whole messy affair. Luke had a past too, and I didn’t pry into that. I respected his boundaries. Maybe we could both keep our secrets safely guarded and enjoy this for what it was.

I shrugged on a T-shirt and made my way downstairs. A hulking male form was standing near the coffeemaker, dressed in nothing more than a pair of worn jeans, but when he turned I saw it was Duke.

A slow smile unfurled on his lips. “Come give me some sugar.”

Placing one hand on my hip, I stopped next to the counter, grabbing a coffee mug from the strainer by the sink. “I’m on to you, mister.”

He chuckled. “Damn. I was just about to apologize for my performance last night.”

“I know the difference between a man who’s fucking with me and a man who’s actually fucked me. And your brother did a real good job. Nice try, Duke.” I patted his head.

The twins were virtually identical in every way, from their expressive green eyes with flecks of gold to their full mouths that pulled easily and often into a smirk. They were built exactly the same—six feet of hard muscle.

“You and Molly are the only people on the planet who can tell us apart. Even our own mother couldn’t do it half the time,” he added, still grinning at me.