Miami After Hours - Page 65

“You okay?” he asked, pulling her into his arms. He was happy when she didn’t resist and allowed him to hold her.

She nodded. “Guess the music got the better of me.”

He doubted it was true. He suspected Farrah was the cause of the abrupt end to their evening. What could he do to make it right?

He knew only one way. And so he began to touch her with featherlight caresses and to drop kisses across her lips, cheeks, eyes. She didn’t stop him when he continued his exploration by lashing his tongue across her breasts. He knew she liked it when he grazed his teeth across the soft swells, so he pleased her and himself by tugging one nipple into his mouth and sucking it.

She moaned softly, but didn’t say a word. Instead, she allowed him to kiss and lick her into a sweet torment. First her breasts, then lower to her abdomen, and lower still until his fingers parted the moist folds of her sex. He teased with slow, tantalizing strokes until he felt her muscles tense. He didn’t want her to come yet; he wanted to be inside her when that happened.

Rolling over, he reached for the drawer on his nightstand. After putting on protection, he surged forward and drove himself into her.

“Daniel!” she cried out his name.

“I’ve got you,” Daniel said as he grasped her hips and then kissed her hard, awakening the passionate nature in her.

She responded and began to rock to his rhythm as he moved inside her. He took them both to the pinnacle of ecstasy, marveling in the fact that only Angela made him feel this way, so complete and so whole. They reached a glorious climax and Daniel shouted as bliss pulsed through him. He hugged her close afterward, wanting in that moment to stay joined with her forever.


Angela stared blankly at the computer screen in front of her on Monday morning. She’d been trying unsuccessfully to put together a launch for a new listing Daniel wanted her to work on, but her mind wasn’t on it.

Ever since meeting Daniel’s ex-girlfriend at the nightclub, she’d been distracted. Distracted by Farrah’s words. And her predictions.

Was Farrah right?

She knew Daniel’s reputation, but she’d always thought it was because he didn’t know love or hadn’t seen it to recognize what might be staring him in the face. Instead, she was faced with the knowledge that perhaps he had already seen it—when he was younger. And now he’d found every woman since Mia Landers lacking.

Oh how she wished Daniel had shared this information with her himself. Wished she hadn’t heard this news from Farrah, but she had. And there was no going back. She had to know the truth.

Clicking on her mouse, Angela finally did what she’d been wanting to do since yesterday. She researched Mia Landers.

Ten minutes later, Angela was confused. According to what she read online, Mia Landers had been engaged to Ashton Rollins when she’d died in a car crash. Where did Daniel fit in? Had Mia left him for Ashton? Or had she been cheating on Ashton with Daniel? Angela didn’t understand.

It didn’t make sense.

Why would Daniel still carry a torch for another man’s fiancée?

And did she have the guts to ask him about it in person? Angela rose from her chair and paced her office. She hadn’t asked for this information, but now that it had been laid at her feet, she was curious. What did it all mean? And how did it affect her relationship with Daniel?

Only Daniel could answer these questions. And she had to know the truth. She was just afraid of rocking the boat. Everything was going so well between them. If she brought up his past, a past that he’d chosen not to share with her, would he consider it an invasion of his privacy?

Before she blew up a promising relationship, she would take some time to think about it. Another day wouldn’t hurt…

* * *

Daniel was irritated. He’d arrived home later that evening with his dry cleaning and went to put it away only to find some of Angela’s clothes hanging up in his closet.

Had he told her she could make herself at home? She hadn’t even asked him. Perhaps if she had, he wouldn’t feel like the walls were caving in on him, but he did.

He hated that he felt this way.

Angela was a good woman, but their relationship was moving at a galloping rate. He just wished he could slow it down so he could catch his breath and figure out what was going on. Before long, she would be moving in, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for it.