Miami After Hours - Page 61

They sank inexorably into each other on the bed, kissing with such unstoppable desire it left Angela feeling weak and dizzy. She could feel every taut muscle of his rock-hard body imprinted against her, and she couldn’t resist splaying her fingers possessively over his back. He was hers for now and that’s all that mattered. She watched him roll on a condom. Then he positioned himself, braced on his forearms and entered her. The sensation was slow, but felt so right, and when he lifted her bottom and went deeper she arched her hips, pulling him in to the hilt.

Angela felt powerful and she knew that no matter how it ended with Daniel, she would be open and vulnerable and give of herself as she’d never done before. As Daniel moved, an ache began to build inside her with such force, she felt like she might explode. She writhed her hips in rhythm with his and clutched his shoulders as sensations overwhelmed her. They both reached their peak at the same time, exploding with pleasure and crying out as one.


Daniel was happy that his relationship with Angela returned to normal during the subsequent week, or as least how it had been after Key West. They shared the occasional showing together during the workday, but at night they came together harmoniously in bed. Her responses to him were completely open and unfettered. She was so selfless in the giving of her body that Daniel was beginning to wonder if this was what love felt like.

If so, it scared him. He’d thought he was in love with Mia and look how that ended. And then there’d been Farrah. He wasn’t sure he even knew what love was and if he’d recognize it. Love complicated things, and he led an uncomplicated life.

Or so he thought. Angela had made his life warm and inviting. With her, his life played out in vivid color while before he’d felt as if he lived only in black and white. She may not have thought he paid attention, but he’d seen her feminine touches around the house: fresh flowers in his kitchen, a framed photograph of the two of them in Key West on his shelf and her toothbrush next to his in the bathroom.

He’d never had to share his space with another woman because their presence in his life had always been temporary, but he’d never enjoyed any other woman’s company as much as Angela’s. However, he did have reservations. Would she begin to dream of a happy future with him, with marriage and the proverbial white picket fence? He would hate to shatter her world, but he wasn’t sure that it was in the cards for him. Though he had to admit she was the first woman to make him think along those lines.

He needed to talk to someone about his trepidations and it so happened that Joshua called him to talk about Millionaire Moguls, presenting him with just the outlet.

* * *

A week later, Daniel met Joshua at a waterside open-air bar near Brickell Key. They sat down to enjoy drinks and cigars and to talk strategy.

“I’ve been able to bring a few more members over to our side,” Joshua commented after their drinks were ordered, “but not nearly enough if we want to overthrow Ashton.”

Daniel chuckled. “You act like we’re taking over a monarchy or something.”

Joshua laughed, as well. “I guess that was a bit dramatic, but the Rollinses have been an institution and it won’t be easy ousting the favorite son.”

“There’s going to be fallout, no doubt,” Daniel said, “but as long as we have the majority of members on our side, it stands to reason that we will prevail.”

“You’re sounding very upbeat,” Joshua said. “Considering how helpful the Rollinses have been to you in opening doors to the elite.”

“They may have opened the door to some folks I may not have met initially on my own, but I’ve grown my business with my expertise and business acumen. Speaking of the Rollinses, I saw Ashton recently.”

“Oh yeah? What happened?”

“He knows you’re coming for him.”

Joshua shrugged. “Good. It’s good to know he’s got a little bit of paranoia where I’m concerned.”

“You’re not nervous that he could waylay our plans?”

“No.” Joshua shook his head. “Because I’m right.” At Daniel’s frown, he amended, “We’re right. Millionaire Moguls needs fresh blood, and once everyone hears our new ideas, they’ll believe it, too.”