Miami After Hours - Page 53

And he didn’t like it.

He wanted her happy, carefree and passionate when she was with him.

So he’d answered all her questions, everything from his favorite color and favorite food to the first time he’d had sex. He hadn’t talked about his past relationships, especially because it was the one question he couldn’t answer. Soon, the happy look he’d come to expect had returned to her face and they were back on track.

Now he was sitting across from her on the beach. They’d spread a large blanket on the sand so they could dive into the picnic basket they’d procured from a local delicatessen. Inside was a bottle of his favorite white wine, crusty bread, hard meats, cheeses, fruit and various salads. They nibbled, slicing sections from the bread, heaping them with meat and cheese and feeding each other.

Eventually, Angela had stripped off her shorts and halter top, revealing an itty-bitty bikini that showed way more skin than he would like the rest of the men on this beach to see. But he couldn’t fault her; she had a beautiful body. He watched her bask in the sun and splash around in the water in front of him while he lounged on the blanket admiring her.

It didn’t get any better than this, spending time with someone you loved.


No, he didn’t mean love. That was a figure of speech. He meant someone he enjoyed spending his time with. He didn’t love anyone. Or would never again. Losing Mia at such a young age had had a profound effect on him. He’d learned that to get the girl, he would have to be smarter and richer than the next guy. He’d learned that nice guys finish last. He’d learned that if you wanted something in life you had to go for it, because tomorrow wasn’t promised.

Look at what happened to Mia. Her life had been snuffed out in a flash and he was left with regrets. Should he have told her sooner of his feelings? Would that have made the difference? Perhaps she would never have looked in Ashton’s direction. But he would never know. And when he’d been with Farrah, all he’d encountered was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Another woman looking for someone richer than him.

So he’d sworn off love. Put it on a shelf, because all it had ever given him was heartache.

It would be no different with Angela, because as much as he was starting to care for her, he didn’t do long-term relationships. Theirs would have a beginning, a middle and an end.

* * *

Later, once the sun set, they made their way on bicycles back to the cottage and began one of the most sensual lovemaking sessions of his life.

It started first with Angela teasing him in the shower to wash off the sand, dirt and grime of the day. She’d taken the soap sponge and washed his chest and back before lowering herself to her knees. It wasn’t the first time a woman had taken him in her mouth, and he usually kept his eyes shut, but he didn’t this time. He watched her featherlight fingers kiss and stroke his fully aroused member. He watched the movement of her damp honey-blond tresses as her head bobbed up and down on him. Sweet Jesus! It was heaven. And he couldn’t remember it ever feeling quite like…like…

Then he felt himself coming and to his delight she raised her head to look at him as she sucked him in—and it blew him away.

Eventually they finished showering and he scooped her in his arms and took her to the bedroom. He wanted full and unencumbered access to her. Her slick body slid onto the bed and he reached for the pack of condoms on the nightstand. After protecting them both, he flipped her over onto her stomach and entered her from behind.

She was so wet, Daniel thought he’d died and gone to heaven. He leaned over her to stroke and tweak her breasts with one hand, awakening her passion, while the other caressed her firm behind.

He wanted to possess her, ruin her for any other man. The thought sent shivers through him, and what had once been a slow yearning turned primal and he drove into her. She arched off the bed and met his every thrust. His body was aflame with desire, but he wanted her to come first, so he reached between them to tease her clitoris and Angela screamed as her orgasm struck. “Daniel!”

As she succumbed to her own orgasm, pleasure of the purest kind hit him with such force that he cried out her name, “Angela!”

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