Miami After Hours - Page 51

He lifted his head only for a second to remind her of her earlier taunt. “Remember when you said you’d never beg? And I said you’d eat those words?”

Angela remembered that all-too-familiar taunt and instead of resisting, she eased back on the lounger and took her punishment. And oh, what a sweet surrender it was.

* * *

When Daniel was sure that Angela was fully satisfied after three orgasms, only then did he take off the linen pants he’d been wearing and join her on the lounger. She was so passionate that he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

“Now it’s time for my fun,” Daniel said, brushing damp hair from her face.

“Oh yeah?” she asked. “And what would you like?”

“You on top.” He handed her a condom.

“I think I can arrange that.” Angela slid from beside him until she was sitting astride him. She reached down and grasped his growing member in her hands, rolled a condom on and then led him inside her. She sank down onto him as her entire sweet body closed around him. She clutched his face to her bosom, and the hardened tips of her peaks brushed against him.

It was such sweet torture and Daniel wanted more. He leaned back. “That’s right, baby. Ride me.”

And she did. She slid up and down his shaft, slow and easy, then hard and deep, until he filled her. When he tried to grasp her by the hips to quicken the pace, she pushed him back down and continued to sway her hips to her rhythm.

The shoe was certainly on the other foot now as she milked him, writhing her hips in one moment then kissing him long and hard in the next. He probed the inner sweetness of her mouth until he was gasping his need against her lips. “Baby, please,” he groaned.

Only then did she increase her rhythm, moving quickly until she found exactly what pleased him. “Oh yes, baby, like that.” He whispered words of encouragement until she took him on a journey unlike any he’d ever had. Their eyes locked at the exact moment that Angela reached her climax.

Still joined, Daniel gathered her in his arms and switched positions until Angela was underneath them. Then he began moving inside her again. He lost himself in her heat and she tightened her arms around him as he pounded even harder into her. She cried out just as his orgasm hit and his entire body shuddered. Then he collapsed on top of her.

Reaching for a throw on the opposite lounger, he tossed it over them and curled beside her on the lounger and closed his eyes.


From the patio of the cottage, Angela stared out over the Gulf with a cup of coffee on Saturday morning. The sun had long since risen and Daniel was still sleeping, which gave her time to think. She was still grappling with how uninhibited she’d been with Daniel on the patio last night.

The kind of sex she’d shared with Daniel had made her feel closer to him than any other man she’d been with. She’d developed deep feelings, strong feelings, for this man. Feelings that resembled love. It was as if he’d captured something and now she felt like she belonged to him and vice versa. But she was unsure how Daniel felt because he kept his thoughts hidden.

Her only indication was how he responded in bed. He was open, honest and giving, but that was as far as it went. Sure, he treated her to the best and most luxurious things that life had to offer, but she suspected he did that with all his women. She’d worried about becoming one of them, a kept woman that he dangled beautiful, sparkly things in front of, but he’d surprised her with this getaway.

His choice was thoughtful and showed her he cared more about her comfort and wishes than his own. Wasn’t that a thought she should hold on to?

She was wondering just that when she felt his strong, muscular arms encircle her waist and his lips nuzzle her neck.

“Good morning.” He was bare-chested and she could feel his morning bulge in the boxer briefs he was wearing.

She gave him a sideward glance. “Good morning.”

“How long have you been up?”

“Not long.”

“I was hoping to persuade you to join me back in bed, but you’re already dressed.”

She was. She’d showered and changed into shorts and a halter top. She knew they were good in bed, but she wanted to see what more there was between them. “That’s right. So what else do you have in store for the weekend?”