Miami After Hours - Page 48

He watched her bring her wineglass to her mouth for a sip and realized her hand was shaking. Daniel wished he were that glass. Wished he could take her lips with his and suck the sweet juices off them. But he didn’t want to come on too strong or she would pull away.

He released her hand and rose to his feet. “Think about it.”

“You’ve certainly given me a lot to consider,” she finally said.

“I know, but when I feel strongly about something, I go after it.”

“And you want me?”

Those beautiful brown eyes of hers looked up at him expectantly. “I think that’s obvious, or I wouldn’t be here. And I believe you want me, too. So think about my proposition. I’ve chartered a private plane to take us to Key West on Friday morning, so I hope I’m not going alone. But the choice is yours.”

She was silent, but rose and walked him to the door. He opened it, then stopped and turned back around. Angela was standing nervously behind him in that darn tank top that showed him she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her nipples were visible and protruding, and Daniel lost his head.

He reached for her, circling his arm around her waist. His body pressed into hers and then his lips coaxed hers open. She gasped at the urgency of his demanding kiss, and that allowed Daniel to ease his tongue into her mouth. He explored her sweet mouth slowly, tasting, teasing, sucking and nibbling. He wanted to remind her of just how good it was between them and how good it could be again if she only gave in to the desire she felt for him.

When he finally pulled away, her lips were swollen from his kisses and her eyes were dazed. “I await your answer,” he said.

And then he left.

He had to. Otherwise, he’d be taking her up against the wall as he’d done their first time together at his penthouse, and he didn’t want that. He wanted to take his time making sweet love to her until the only people who existed in the world were the two of them.


Angela knew her answer to Daniel’s proposition even before he’d left her apartment several days ago, but she’d made him wait. However, today was Thursday and she’d have to let him know her decision one way or another. And she would be able to do so in private because Daniel had arranged a showing of one of the condos at the downtown development they were working on together for that afternoon. She was sure it had been done purposely so they wouldn’t have an audience.

She’d worn a simple nude sheath and added a long, dangling gold necklace and sparkling gold peep-toe pumps. Angela knew she looked good. No, she looked hot, and there was no way Daniel wouldn’t take notice.

She was already on-site at the condo before Daniel arrived because her appointment had ended early, giving her time to arrive for setup. She’d told Daniel’s assistant, Mary, not to come out for staging, leaving them completely alone until their prospect arrived.

She’d just finished setting out the fine china, champagne flutes and finger foods she’d picked up from Daniel’s favorite eatery and was using the smart device that came with the house to open all the blinds when he arrived.

He stopped midstride when he saw her. “Angela. You’re here early.” He closed the door behind him.

“I had a little free time,” she responded, “so I took care of everything.”

“And Mary?”

Angela stared at him boldly. “Isn’t here. It’s just us.”

“That’s fortuitous.”

“Yes, it gives us time to talk.”

“Am I going to like your answer?” Daniel asked, walking forward and placing his portfolio on the counter. “Perhaps I should uncork this champagne and have a glass to prepare myself.”

“No need.” Angela shook her head, tossing her mane of hair from side to side. “You’ll like my answer.”

“Which is?”


“Yes to?”

“Yes to the weekend in Key West. Yes to the two of us until it ends.”

He released a long sigh and then laughed. “Could you have led with that?”

She smirked. “And what fun would that have been? What do they say? Anticipation makes it all the more sweet?”