Miami After Hours - Page 47

She flicked on the switch, flooding the kitchen and open living area with light. Daniel walked inside and surveyed her home. She looked at it through Daniel’s eyes. The kitchen was renovated with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and maple cabinets, and the living room had a comfy sofa, a flat-screen and a small balcony with a view of Miami. Still, it couldn’t compare to his penthouse.

He turned to face her. “Nice place.”

She laughed as she removed her high heels one at a time and placed them on the shoe rack near her front door. “You don’t have to say that, Daniel.”

“I mean it,” he said, walking back toward her. “Where’s your bottle opener?” He brushed past her in the small corridor and stepped into the kitchen.

She sucked in a breath. “Drawer to the left of the stove. If you don’t mind I’d like to get out of these clothes.”

Daniel’s brows rose.

And she quickly added, “Into something more comfortable.”

“Of course. By all means.”

While he busied himself uncorking the wine, Angela rushed into her bedroom and closed the door. She rested her back against it, reminding herself to calm down. So what if Daniel was in her home? She could handle the situation. She was in control.

Or so she told herself as she undressed, then put on her favorite pair of yoga pants and a tank top. Deep down, she wasn’t sure she believed it. He’d caught her off guard with his unplanned visit.

When she emerged five minutes later, Daniel had found the wineglasses in the cupboard and poured them each a glass. He handed her one when she came forward. “Thank you,” she said as she accepted the wine.

He held out his glass. “Cheers.”

She lightly tapped hers to his. “Cheers.”

She took a long sip to fortify herself for the conversation. Then she moved toward the living room and made herself comfortable on the microsuede sofa she’d bought several years ago on sale. “So you want to tell me why you stopped by unannounced?” she asked, tucking her feet under her.

“Absolutely.” Daniel followed her and instead of sitting in the adjacent chair, he sat beside her on the sofa. “We needed to talk.”

“I think you were very clear with your intentions,” Angela asked, “and I believe I asked you for some time to think about it.”

“And I,” he responded, “felt like you might need some convincing.”

“Is that right?”

He smiled broadly and Angela’s insides turned to mush at his irrepressible grin. “Oh yes, and I’m here to offer you a proposition.”

Her interest was piqued. “I’m intrigued. Do go on.”

“Well, I think it’s pretty obvious how attracted we are to each other.”

Angela didn’t attempt to refute that, because he was right. When they were within a few feet of each other, sparks crackled between them. Even now she could feel his energy pulling her toward him.

“And as much as we’ve tried to fight it, ignore it, it’s still there,” Daniel continued. “We have to see where this goes, Angela. If we don’t, we’ll drive ourselves crazy. But I recognize you’re hesitant given our working relationship. So I propose that we spend the weekend together in Key West. We’ll either get our fill of each other and go our separate ways or we’ll decide to continue the relationship. What do you say?”

* * *

Daniel watched with bated breath for Angela’s answer. He’d thought about this solution to their quandary all day. And this was the best he’d come up with. They could sex each other like crazy for an entire weekend and get it out of their system and decide to end their affair. Or they could decide to continue a discreet relationship behind closed doors.

Either way, he’d get to have Angela in his arms again.

He’d tried unsuccessfully to get the woman out of his mind since she’d left his apartment yesterday morning to meet her sister. She’d clouded his thoughts until he’d finally decided he had to do something about it. He was now determined to convince her that they needed to spend time together and figure out what was between them.

Daniel placed his wineglass on the cocktail table in front of him and reached for one of Angela’s hands. “Don’t deny yourself, deny us, because you’re scared. I know we’re on uncharted territory here, but there’s something between us. You must feel it like I do.”

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