Miami After Hours - Page 45


“What a great venue,” Angela gushed as she and Denise walked the Mezz, a venue known for weddings, bar mitzvahs and quinceañeras.

The coordinator was highlighting the seven-thousand-square-foot venue with wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows, modern decor and state-of-the-art sound system that they could use for her parents’ anniversary party, but Angela was focused on the bold wallpapers and distinctive backdrops in the Plum Room.

“This is it,” Angela said.

“I don’t know,” Denise replied. “I was thinking something a little more traditional.”

Angela rolled her eyes. There it was again. The key difference between her and her family. Sometimes she felt as if she’d been snatched at birth and given to the wrong family because she didn’t share their same thought processes.

“Why not switch it up a bit?” Angela said. “I’m sure the Mezz can create whatever feel we want. Isn’t that right?” She turned to the coordinator.

“Oh, absolutely,” the young woman replied. “We can make miracles happen with our draping, uplighting and decor.”

“Sign us up,” Angela responded.

“Angela! A word, please.” Denise spoke harshly.

As soon as Angela walked over, Denise grabbed her by the arm and led her several feet away. “I didn’t know this was a dictatorship. I thought you wanted my input. And this,” she said as she motioned around the room, “is not our parents.”

“Well, this,” Angela said as she mimicked her sister’s hand movements, “is what I like and since I’m the one footing the bill, I see no reason not to do something unique and special for our parents. You’re not the only one with good taste.”

Denise stepped back, obviously appalled by Angela’s forthrightness, but Angela didn’t care. Her voice was going to be heard, and she wasn’t going to be railroaded into doing things Denise’s way. Everyone may have been dancing to her baby sister’s tune since her arrival on this earth, but that time was over and done with.

“Very well,” Denise said. “Then just let me know when my help is required.”

“I’ll do that.”

As she drove back to her apartment later that evening, Angela was dog-tired. She hadn’t gotten much in the way of sleep the last two nights thanks to Daniel and touring several venues today with Denise. Friday night’s dinner with Alejandro had flowed into Saturday night in Daniel’s arms. By the time she and Daniel had finally come up for air, it was late. Daniel had tempted her to stay Saturday night because she had nothing to wear but the clothes she’d come in.

But clothes hadn’t mattered much because they’d spent most of their thirty-six hours together naked, wrapped in each other’s arms and making love endlessly. Angela hadn’t known it was possible to be so entranced, but Daniel had her under some sort of spell and she’d been unable to say no to him. She’d always thought herself a strong woman, but she hadn’t felt very strong this weekend.

Instead, he’d taken her to new heights over and over again in bed. She’d sobbed his name and begged him to take her on numerous occasions. Angela blushed at the memory. And now he wanted to continue their relationship indefinitely, until one or the both of them called it quits. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

Working together and sleeping together day after day could make life very complicated at the office. Look at what happened when they’d tried staying away from each other. They’d both been miserable. But if she continued seeing him, what did that mean? Would the sexual tension that had been between them remain, or would sex with her become mundane? Would he toss her away as soon as he was bored?

Could she handle that?

On the other hand, if she didn’t take the risk, would she always wonder what could have been if she’d followed her heart and not her head?

* * *

Monday at work, Angela was a nervous wreck wondering where Daniel was, what he was doing and how he would treat her. She was so anxious that even Myrna commented.

“Are you all right?” she inquired when Angela kept glancing at the door as she stood in front of her reception desk chatting about their weekends.