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Angela swallowed hard at his frank assessment. He was laying it all bare in black and white. But she was still hesitant. “How would we act at work?” It was one scenario she’d never worked out when she’d considered a one-night stand with him.

“Same as before,” Daniel said. “I’ll continue to mentor you.”

“As I continue to get you off?”

Daniel hissed, not liking her comment, and before she knew it Angela was flat on her back with Daniel poised above her. “I would think that would be mutual,” he replied. “But in case you need further evidence of just how much you enjoyed my getting you off…” Daniel lifted the T-shirt she was wearing, parted her legs and then lowered his head.

The first flick of his tongue caused Angela to arch off the bed, but Daniel gently eased her down with the palm of his hand while his tongue took liberties with her already-sensitive flesh. He teased and stroked her with effortless ease, tipping her nearly to the edge of her orgasm, then drawing her back, time and time again.

Frustration and excitement grew to a fever pitch until Angela was begging him to take her. Only then did Daniel let out a long laugh, lifting his head. “Do you want to amend your earlier comment?” he asked, lightly blowing on her clitoris.

“Y-yes,” Angela stammered. “Now, for Christ’s sake, give me what I want.”

“And what do you want?” He drew circles with his tongue around her clit.

“You. Inside me,” she said unapologetically.

* * *

Daniel eased the jogging pants down his thighs and reached for yet another condom. They’d already gone through a box. She took it from him, and her fingers worked magic as she slowly slid the condom down his hard length. Then he was back in place, threading his fingers through her silken mass of hair and giving her exactly what she wanted.

He lifted her hips and positioned himself so his shaft slid inside her. Angela purred. Damn! Why did she make him feel this way? So wanton, so out of control. He was losing his grip on the situation. Instead he focused on doing incredibly wicked things to her and proving she was powerless to resist him.

Daniel’s mouth crashed down on hers and his tongue glided into her hot mouth. He wanted to show Angela that there was no way she was walking away from what they shared. It was hot and passionate. The softness of her body merged with his, and it was impossible to know where he ended and she began.

His body was consumed by a burning need that only Angela could quench. He dragged his mouth away from hers long enough to suck on one plump breast. Desire was coiling inside him, threatening to overtake him, but he didn’t want it to be over with quickly. He wanted to make it last.

Slowly he thrust and withdrew, reveling in how tight and wet she was. The feeling of being inside her was so exquisite that he groaned aloud.

“Yes, Daniel, yes,” she moaned, gyrating her hips underneath him.

Daniel didn’t quicken the pace. He let the pressure and tension build inside them, thrusting in and out with agonizing slowness until finally she sobbed, crying out his name. Only then did he move quicker, harder and deeper until he reached the hilt, and when he did, he shattered into a million pieces.

* * *

On Sunday, after he’d met with several members of the Millionaire Moguls Club at a local martini bar in an effort to solidify support for Joshua, Daniel sat alone at the bar with a drink to clear his head. It wouldn’t be easy dethroning Ashton, but he’d given his word he would help. On the other hand, he would much rather be at his place with Angela.

She’d been a fiery tigress in his bed. He’d spent the entire day laying with her yesterday after their first sexual encounter had him aching for more of her. He hadn’t known it would be that way. Hadn’t known he’d feel the intense desire he felt when they were together. Angela surpassed any of his previous relationships. Since Mia, he’d kept women at arm’s length because he was afraid of putting his heart on the line and being rejected, so when this relationship ran its course—which was an inevitability given that Daniel didn’t do long-term relationships—Angela would become the yardstick he measured every other woman against, because she was the woman who’d made him feel something.

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