Miami After Hours - Page 42

“My place has lots of big bold colors, plants and paintings.”

“Much like you,” Daniel mused. “You’re very bold and expressive.”

“Yes, I am. There’s nothing wrong with having some individuality.”

“Sounds like that’s been a problem for you in the past,” Daniel said as he reached for the finished mug of coffee and brought it to his lips.

How had he picked up on that?

She shrugged. “My parents are conformists. Everything by the book. And I just dance to the beat of my own drum.”

“I would say that makes you special.”

“Aw, shucks.” Angela laughed. “If I didn’t know any better I’d think you liked me.”

“I do.” His deep brown eyes fixed on her and moved down her body. There was an invisible web of attraction building between them again. It made Angela feel as if she were standing stark naked in front of him. A thrill of arousal caused heat to begin pooling between her legs, flooding her with desire.

As quickly as it flared to life, it was extinguished as the doorbell rang, breaking the trance between them. Daniel placed his mug on the counter and sauntered toward the door.

Angela watched him intently, knowing that had it not been for the doorbell, they would have been on the floor of the living room fanning those sparks into a raging inferno.

Five minutes later, they were sitting on his bed, pigging out on crab Benedict, wheat toast, a fruit medley and the best fresh-squeezed orange juice she’d ever had, all from a nearby eatery.

“How did you manage to get them to deliver?” she inquired, stuffing her mouth with eggs.

“I’m Daniel Cobb.”

Angela nearly choked on her food. “Did anyone ever tell you you’re just a little bit cocky?”

He gave her one of his irresistible grins. “I may have been told that a time or two, but I don’t mind it, if it shows I’m confident.”

Angela took another forkful of her crab dish. “So, Mr. Cocky, how do we handle this?” She motioned back and forth between them.

His grin quickly dissipated. “You sure do cut to the chase.”

“Well, I’ve never found myself in a situation like this,” Angela responded. “So forgive me if I’m a little out of my element.”

“Sleeping with a man you’re attracted to?” he offered.

It was more than that and he knew it. He was trying to make light of the awkward situation they found themselves in. Angela applauded him for trying, but she didn’t know her way out of it any more than he did. It’s why she went on the offensive. Find out what he was thinking first so she could react accordingly. She didn’t want to be the one to lay her feelings bare, not knowing what he might say in return. The last time she’d done that, it hadn’t worked out too well.

“Sleeping with my boss,” she finally responded.

He nodded quietly and sipped on his juice, having finished off his breakfast in record time. She could see the wheels of his mind spinning, figuring out what to say, what to do. “Who says we have to do anything?”

Her brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

He shrugged. “Why can’t we just enjoy each other for however long it lasts? Because clearly staying away from each other hasn’t worked.”

Angela thought back to the last couple of weeks. From the moment Daniel started mentoring her, the attraction between them had slowly simmered, flaring to life in the limo after the Heat game and then combusting in the Cobb conference room. They’d both tried unsuccessfully to suppress the attraction, and all they’d accomplished was to become so frustrated that their first coupling had been a frenzied one against the glass wall. Angela doubted she’d ever look at his apartment without remembering their passionate encounter.

“I don’t know,” she replied to his suggestion. “I need to think about it.”

Daniel reached across the space between them, grabbed her plate and placed it on the nightstand behind him. “What’s there to think about? You want me and I want you. The sex between us is raw and intense. Hell, it’s amazing! Even you have to admit it.” His dark eyes stared into hers. “Why shouldn’t we continue to see each other?”

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