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She moaned loudly when he brushed her hair aside so he could kiss, then suck, her neck. She cried out in pleasure, her nails scraping back and forth across the linens as sensation after sensation built inside her, growing tighter and tighter as he moved deep within her. She locked her legs around his waist, her inner muscles clenching around him in an attempt to hold him still, but that merely caused Daniel to drive faster and harder into her.

Angela was desperate for him to release her from the torment, but at the same time she didn’t want it to end. Her mouth opened to speak, but then the dam burst and a tidal wave swept over her. A feeling of immense satisfaction and contentment enveloped her just as Daniel gave a loud shout as he, too, reached the peak of exquisite delight.

* * *

Daniel levered himself up onto his elbow and surveyed Angela. Her hair was spread out gloriously across his pillow, and his heart leaped.

How had this woman mesmerized him so? What was it about her that made him reckless, with no thought or care about tomorrow? When he was with Angela, reason went out the window and all he was left with was a desire so strong, he showed no finesse when they’d coupled the first time.

It had been hot, fast, but oh so satisfying. He’d never felt this way in any of his other sexual experiences. So why was being with Angela so intense? He’d felt driven earlier to take her. There’d been a primal, almost animal need in him to mate and possess her.

And he had.

He’d lingered over every luxurious womanly curve, but he couldn’t wait to explore her in even more intimate detail, to feel all that there could be between them. He would make love to her again as if he had all the time in the world, but for now he would let her sleep.


Eventually, when she woke up later that morning, Angela was famished. They’d certainly worked up an appetite, making love several times throughout the morning and night.

“Do you intend to feed me?” she asked, elbowing Daniel in the side. “Or am I merely here to sate your ravenous desires?”

Daniel turned on his side and gave her a dazzling smile. “My ravenous desires? I’d say someone shared my enthusiasm.” He reached for the sheet between them and lowered it so he could tweak her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Hey!” She smacked his hand away. “Don’t start something you can’t finish. I’m hungry.”

His eyes darkened. “Oh yeah? So am I.”

“Down, tiger. I need food.”

“All right.” He rose from the bed and padded unashamedly naked out of the room. He returned several moments later with his phone. In their hasty encounter last night, his pants were still on the living room floor. “Let’s order in. What do you fancy?”

After they’d ordered, Daniel threw on a pair of jogging pants and selected a Millionaire Moguls T-shirt from his closet for Angela to wear, which, she noticed, was so neat it was color-coded. Then he headed to the kitchen to make them coffee.

Angela followed behind him. As she did, she looked around the penthouse. In the light of day, she saw that Daniel didn’t have much in the way of family photos or personal memorabilia. The only decoration was the odd abstract piece of art and sculptures. About the only item that was in abundance was an extensive library of books. “Where are all your photos?” she inquired.

“Of whom?”

“Of your family. Your friends. Don’t you have any?”

Daniel busied himself with adding water to his Keurig machine and procuring mugs for each of them from the overhead cabinets. He placed the first pod in the machine and let it percolate. “Of course I do, I just choose not to display them. I like a clean slate.”

Angela wondered if that was the real reason. She’d never seen a home so bare of personality. Was there something Daniel was trying to hide or didn’t want to show the rest of the world? Or perhaps something or someone he wanted to forget? His penthouse could use some warmth, and if she happened to become more of a fixture here, she would do something about it.

Daniel handed her the first mug of coffee. “And you? What’s your apartment like?” He added another pod to the Keurig to make himself a cup.

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