Miami After Hours - Page 39

“Angela…” He whispered her name and she turned around in his arms.

His eyes were dark and glittering with unfettered passion. Angela couldn’t help the pure excitement that danced over her as the chemistry between them exploded.

He took her face in the palm of his hands and kissed her. Her lips opened greedily and her tongue delved inside his mouth, eager to taste him. He was just as hungry as she was and he grasped her hips so purposely against his, Angela would have toppled, if not for the glass wall behind her. Her shoulders met it as Daniel continued kissing and grinding into her. His mouth savaged hers as his erection pressed into her. She wanted all that it promised and shamelessly gyrated her hips against him while sucking on his hot, probing tongue.

When he finally lifted his head from hers, she gave a slight moan of protest, but he was already pulling the straps of her dress down. He soon caught sight of her naughty secret for the evening.

“No bra? I like,” he whispered, just before he began licking his way down her chest to one of her breasts. The skilled flick of his tongue sent heated sensations shooting low in her belly, and she arched against him for more, but he was already transferring his attention to her other breast. Instead of soothing the ache within her, he stoked the flames. While his tongue laved her breast, his hand lifted the hem of her dress. When he reached the tiny scrap of fabric that was her thong, he shocked her by giving it a good grip and ripping it off.

Her shocked gasp became a moan when he slid his finger inside her.

“Do you like how that feels?” he murmured.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned.

He caressed the most intimate part of her, which ached to be touched, licked and kissed. She writhed as the pads of his fingers circled the silky flesh. “Daniel…” She moaned out his name.

Did he have any idea what he was doing to her?

She was so lost in her own desire, she barely registered that he’d unbuckled and unzipped his pants until she felt them whoosh at her feet. She glanced down and smiled when she saw him push down his boxer briefs in one fell swoop. She marveled at the sheer size of him as he slid a condom on his hard length. And when she finally met his gaze, she knew instinctively what he wanted and wrapped her legs around him just as he lifted her up and surged inside her.

* * *

Daniel pushed Angela backward into the glass wall as his probing tongue found hers yet again and their mouths dueled in a searing kiss. She was so tight—so deliciously tight—that he had to rein in his desire for her and remind himself to take it slow.

He’d intended to be the debonair playboy by bringing her to his penthouse, where they’d have some champagne, then romance her into his bed upstairs. Instead, he’d seen her standing there in the moonlight overlooking the ocean and all thought had gone out the window. He only knew that if he didn’t have her then, he might die.

As he moved himself inside her sweet heat, he tried to slow it down, but it was impossible. The only thing Daniel could think of was how good she felt. When he heard her gasp at his thrusts, a deep, primitive urge took over him and he grasped her hips and began driving harder into her.

“Yes, yes,” Angela urged him on as her half-naked body was splayed on the wall and entwined around him. She didn’t seem to care that her dress was bunched around her waist. Instead, she murmured, “Don’t stop—oh yes, like that.”

They were locked together in a rhythm that made Daniel shudder at just how heart-stoppingly beautiful this woman was and how she made him behave so completely out of character. Normally, he would be analyzing his actions, but all he wanted to do right now was feel. Feel her clenched around his shaft. Her back arched and she began to shudder around him. But he didn’t stop moving; instead he guided them both toward sexual oblivion, and once reached, let a low, exultant cry from his lips.

* * *

Angela felt languid in Daniel’s arms as he carried her upstairs to his loft bedroom and placed her on the bed. She barely had the time or the inclination to register that this room shared the minimalist decor with its counterpart downstairs. Curiosity withered, because at the moment Daniel was tossing his shirt aside to show off his toned chest, which looked as if it were made of steel. The ridges of his muscles drove out any coherent thought and made her mouth water and her knees weak.

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