Miami After Hours - Page 36

“Are you ready to be seated, Mr. Cobb?” the host inquired.

“Yes, we are.”

“Allow me to show you to your room.”

Alejandro walked with Angela, leaving Daniel to follow behind them. “Daniel must think very highly of you to invite you to join us.”

“Yes, I do. Angela has been a great addition to my team.”

The host showed them to a secluded private dining room in the rear of the restaurant where a table for three was set up and a server was already waiting for them upon their arrival. He greeted them with a tray of flutes.

“Champagne?” he inquired.

“Yes, please.” Angela scooped up a glass, as did Daniel and Alejandro. Daniel hadn’t told her they’d be in a private room, but she should have expected that, since that’s how Daniel rolled.

Daniel held up his glass. “To a rewarding evening.” He looked directly at Angela before glancing at Alejandro.

“Yes, my friend. To an intriguing night.” Alejandro clinked flutes with him and Angela.

Both men were in a hurry to pull out Angela’s chair, but Daniel conceded to Alejandro, much to his chagrin if the frown of his face was anything to go by. The uniformed waiter immediately came over and poured Evian into their water glasses.

“So tell me, Alejandro, what do I have to do to get you to sign with Cobb Luxury Real Estate?” Daniel wasted no time going in for the kill. Angela appreciated his forthrightness.

Alejandro laughed. “There will be time for that later, my friend.” He patted Angela on the thigh. “First, let’s order some wine.”

He perused the menu, but Angela could see that Daniel had caught the action because disapproval was written across his face. Just as quickly it was gone.

“What looks good to you?” Daniel inquired.

Angela surveyed the wine list and everything on it was exorbitantly priced. There was no way she could ever afford to take one of her clients here, but not Daniel. He only represented the finest luxury properties, so he didn’t appear shocked when the waiter approached and Alejandro ordered a five-hundred-dollar bottle of wine.

Was this really how the wealthy lived? Apparently so, because Daniel didn’t blink an eye.

The waiter brought over the bottle, presented it to Alejandro before pouring him a taste. Alejandro swirled the wine around his glass, smelled it and then took a sip. He was quiet for several moments before he said, “This will do.”

The waiter proceeded to pour it.

“A toast,” Alejandro said when their glasses were filled. “To beauty.” He turned and stared at Angela with such unmistakable lust, she blushed and quickly took a sip of her wine.

She glanced at Daniel and she could feel a leashed anger emanating from him. Would he be able to hold it in all night if Alejandro continued with his predatory treatment of her?

Thankfully, Daniel steered the conversation to business. Over their four-course dinner, they spoke of Alejandro’s growing tequila business, his expansion ideas and of his potential to settle in Miami for good.

The food was absolutely delicious, but what would she expect from such a fine dining establishment? The conversation was just as stimulating. She was learning so much watching Daniel. She admired his finesse. He was a skilled negotiator and could steer people to his way of thinking. When they wanted to go left, he found a way to make sure they went right. It was a gift.

This was the side of Daniel she’d admired from afar. This was the Daniel she’d wanted to emulate. In reality, however, he was so much more than a great real estate agent with wealthy clients. He was a fascinating man. A man she was quickly starting to develop feelings for, and it wasn’t just about sex. Though the attraction between them was red hot. It put her in an untenable situation, especially if he didn’t share her feelings or wasn’t willing to act on them.

* * *

Daniel was in awe of Angela and how well she’d handled herself the entire evening. She was professional, yet approachable, despite the fact that Alejandro wanted to take her bed. It was evident in the Colombian’s eyes and in the way he made a point of touching her arm several times throughout the evening. He wanted Angela.

But he couldn’t have her.