Miami After Hours - Page 26

A broad grin spread across Joshua’s mouth. “That’s good to hear.” He stood to shake Daniel’s hand. “You won’t regret this.”

Daniel snorted. “I’m sure I will, but there’s no turning back.” He started toward the plank that led to the marina.

“Daniel, if you don’t mind my asking,” Joshua started, “there seems to be some sort of bad blood between you and Ashton. Care to share? Because in my quest to bring Ashton down, I’m not going to leave any stone unturned. If you have news that might be helpful…”

“None I’d care to share,” Daniel responded evenly. “We’ll talk soon.”

Daniel moved down the plank and toward his Ferrari. He was in no mood for personal confessions. He wasn’t about to share with anyone, let alone Joshua, his unrequited love for Mia and how she’d chosen Ashton over him. That was his cross to bear and his alone.


Monday morning arrived and Angela was determined to put the past seventy-two hours behind her. So what if she’d made out with her boss like some kind of wanton woman who was hard up to get laid. Daniel had rebuffed her. Made her feel as insignificant as the women they talked about in the press.

But Angela wouldn’t let his rejection ruin her career. She had a good thing going at Cobb Luxury Real Estate, and if she kept her cool, her reputation would only grow. One day she’d have her own million-dollar listings instead of following Daniel around.

To her good fortune, she didn’t see Casanova much over the next two days. Every time she came in, he was either not in the office or on his way out. That was just fine with Angela. She didn’t relish having to work so closely with the man. Not after she’d found him immensely attractive while he’d remained cool and aloof, despite the swell in his pants that she’d felt.

How did he manage it? Had his heart not pounded at their electrifying kiss? Clearly, it hadn’t been as momentous as it had been for her.

It wasn’t until midafternoon on Wednesday that Daniel decided to face her. Or should she say, he had Myrna call her into his office.

Angela took a huge fortifying breath as she walked ramrod straight toward his office. She was glad that today she was looking her best in a bright orange sheath that showed off her hourglass shape, peep-toe stilettos, and colorful bangles and earrings. Angela had to admit she looked sharp.

When she reached his door, she waited for an invite and he waved her forward.

“You asked to see me?” she inquired from the doorway. She’d come prepared with her folio to take notes.

Daniel lifted his gaze from his monitor and looked straight at her. His mouth settled on her bare shoulders, then his eyes traveled down the length of her. The air throbbed with tension, and Angela could feel heat spreading through her body as it instantly responded to him.

She swallowed it back. Her face blazed, but instead of lowering her lashes at his blatant perusal, she stared back boldly at him. “Daniel?”

He blinked several times as if he was bringing her into focus. “Yes?”

“If now isn’t a good time, I can come back.”

“No, no, now is fine. Please sit.” He gestured to the seat in front of him and then rose from his chair to close the door she’d purposely left open. “I wanted to talk to you about ideas for the launch of the Wilsons’ estate.”

Angela took a seat in one of the two chairs. “I have a few ideas.”

“Let’s hear them.” Daniel sat on the edge of his glass desk. He was so close, their legs almost touched. Angela crossed her legs to give them distance and she noted that Daniel caught the action, but didn’t say anything.

She opened her folio. “Well, as you mentioned, we could have a talented musician come in and play for the crowd. You know, to get them excited. Or I thought we could have an art showing, displaying several pieces of artwork from local artists.”

“Go on.”

“Or we could go a little unconventional and play up the exclusivity of Sunny Isles with our social media.”

“Hmm…” Daniel rubbed his jaw. “Sounds very promising.”

“Which one?”