Miami After Hours - Page 24

Whatever had gotten into her? Last night she’d had a lapse in judgment. She’d gotten caught up in the moment, in the hype of being with Daniel Cobb, one of the Millionaire Moguls, and she’d made a play for him. And promptly fell flat on her face. Of course he wouldn’t be interested in her—a junior real estate agent with hardly any money to speak of. The fact that she was saving up for what was probably a modest condo in Daniel’s opinion was laughable.

He went out with highly successful, beautiful women. Though she wouldn’t knock herself in the beauty department. She knew she wasn’t bad on the eyes and that had always been her saving grace, but she also wanted respect. Maybe Daniel’s brush-off was a way of showing respect? Showing that he valued their working relationship too much to ruin it?

But how on earth was she supposed to shadow him and let Daniel mentor her when there was this attraction simmering beneath the surface? Angela didn’t know how she would fare, but apparently it was going to be pretty easy for Daniel. He’d made his feelings perfectly clear in the limo. He was interested in only one relationship with Angela and that was a professional one.

Later that afternoon, Angela was surprised when her sister Denise called and asked to meet her for coffee at a Cuban coffee shop near Coconut Grove. She’d known Denise was due back soon, but where had the time gone? She knew where she’d been—fantasizing about an affair with Daniel that would never happen.

After they placed their coffee orders and picked out their pastries, Angela and Denise found a two-seater table near the rear of the shop.

“It’s so good to see you, sis,” Angela said. “Though I was surprised to hear from you. I thought you weren’t making it back for another week.”

“I wasn’t,” Denise responded, “but I decided to come back early because I wanted to talk to you about Mom and Dad’s thirtieth anniversary party.”

“I hadn’t realized it was coming up so soon,” Angela remarked as she took a pinch off the blueberry muffin she’d purchased.

Denise raised a brow. “Yes, well, I thought it would be nice, since they didn’t celebrate their silver anniversary, that we throw them a party. You know, do something real nice.”

“That sounds lovely,” Angela responded. “But who is going to pay for this shindig?”

Denise shrugged. “I was hoping now that you’re working at that big fancy real estate firm that you could. I mean, doesn’t one of your commissions pay for an entire month’s rent or something like that?” She chuckled nervously. “I do watch Million Dollar Listing Miami, and those guys make a killing.”

“I’m sorry to tell you, little sis, that not all of us make those kinds of commissions,” Angela returned. “I just joined Cobb six months ago and I’m far from getting clients like those you see on a television show.”

Their coffee order was called by the barista and since Denise didn’t lift a finger to get them, Angela rose from her chair and went for their drinks.

“So why keep up the front?” Denise asked when Angela returned and handed her the iced coffee she’d ordered. “Why don’t you go back to school so you can get a real job?”

“I have a real job,” Angela responded crisply. “In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the one paying for this meal and that helps you out in grad school when you’re in need of cash.”

“Okay, okay.” Denise held up her hands in defense. “I didn’t mean to offend.”

“What did you mean?” Angela replied. “Because on the one hand, you want me to pay for our parents’ anniversary party, yet on the other, you’re putting down how I make a living.”

“I’m sorry, okay,” Denise huffed. “Who knew you were so sensitive on the subject.”

Angela sighed. Was she being too hard on her baby sister? She was just tired of everyone ragging on her job. Why couldn’t they see that she could be quite successful at it?

Look at Daniel.

Thinking of her boss brought back the shame of last night and Angela flushed with embarrassment.

“Hey.” Denise reached across the table and placed her hand over Angela’s. “I’m sorry. Okay? Truly sorry that I offended you. You know I love you.”