Miami After Hours - Page 22

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Angela chuckled. “I’d expected a lot more from you, Daniel. Like a five, maybe even twenty. I don’t just let anyone into my head.”

He threw back his head and laughed. “I like you, Angela. I like you a lot.”

* * *

I like you a lot?

What had possessed him to verbalize what he’d been thinking? Angela. And those warm brown eyes of hers. They’d beguiled him all night. As did her beauty. Those loose blond-streaked curls. Flawless skin. Sexy figure. It made him want her, burn for her. He wanted nothing more than to take her back to his place and fill her until she surrendered to the passion that had been simmering between them all night.

But he couldn’t.

It wasn’t right.

But that didn’t stop him from wanting what he couldn’t have.

The game was a nail-biter, with the Heat clinching the win in the last minute with a three-point shot and a foul. When it was over, they walked back toward where the limo had dropped them off earlier. Daniel pulled Angela closer to his side when the throng of people pushed her forward. That was the wrong move.

With Angela so near, Daniel could smell the sweet scent of her hair, catch a hint of the perfume she was wearing and feel her breasts pressed against his biceps.

Eventually the throng dissipated and Daniel was able to weave them through the crowd to the VIP area where the chauffeur stood waiting for them. He tipped his hat to them as he opened the door. Angela entered and Daniel was close behind her.

Once the door closed, the sexual tension between them was palpable and so thick it could be cut with a knife. Angela sat with her eyes downward and her hands folded in her lap. Daniel wanted to ruffle her feathers, make her feel as undone as he’d felt all night.

“Angela,” he whispered her name.

She half turned in his direction, and that was all the invitation Daniel needed to act on his attraction.

* * *

Angela saw something akin to lust flash in Daniel’s eyes just before he grasped both sides of her face and lowered his head. And when his lips brushed across hers in a kiss so slow and sensual, Angela felt her entire body come alive. But he didn’t stop with one kiss. His mouth settled over hers, parting her lips with a lick of his tongue and giving her a jolt of excitement she hadn’t felt in a long time, if ever.

He covered her body with his and then she felt his hands in her hair, holding her head still as he took her mouth like a thirsty man in search of his oasis. She returned the pressure of Daniel’s kiss, instinctively moving her mouth over his as desire, hot and needy, coursed through her. Her heart hammered loudly in her chest, as did the knowledge that what they were doing was wrong. Her brain was telling her there was no way she should be doing this with Daniel. Her boss. Her brain told her to pull away. But her senses were seduced by his drugging kisses.

And when he deepened the kiss, she met him stroke for stroke, touching his tongue with hers, eager for the stimulation. The sensation was such sweet pleasure, she wanted to moan aloud, but she couldn’t. He was nipping at her lower lip with his teeth while his hands were everywhere, palming her backside and then sliding upward to cup her breasts.

Angela shuddered when the pads of his thumbs caressed her nipples. She was sure they were protruding through the silk blouse, showing Daniel how turned on she was. She wanted his kisses to go on and on, but instead, he moved from her lips, bent his head and took one taut peak in his mouth. Angela thought she would combust in flames at the touch of his hot, wet tongue circling her nipple. He sucked her nipple, hard and deep, through her shirt. Daniel was making her feel more alive, wilder and hotter than she’d ever known was possible.

And when he adjusted their position, Angela ended up sprawled on the seat with Daniel hovering above her. Then he settled himself between her thighs, ensuring that the rock-hard steel of him was pressed against her center. Angela’s mind went blank with need and she began to rock herself against him. Heat. Delight. She was experiencing so many emotions, so many sensations.

It was like she was caught up in a lightning storm. She wasn’t sure if she would survive it—survive Daniel—and deep down some part of her didn’t care if she did. She wanted this man, so much so that she shamelessly moved against him.

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