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“Denise hasn’t been gone that long.” Five months, if Angela recalled.

“I know, but we haven’t seen her all year. And it’s not like we see you much now since you started this new position.”

Angela glanced in the mirror. Her eyes said it all. She’d used her new job as an excuse to avoid visiting her family. She just hadn’t wanted to hear that she didn’t measure up to her educated baby sister.

“Mama, I told you how dog-eat-dog it is in the real estate business. I have to stay focused and get my name out there.”

“I know that, Angela, but your dad and I miss you girls. And we would love to have the entire family together.”

“All right, all right. Just tell me where and when.”

After getting the details and finally hanging up with her mother, Angela barely had time to grab her clutch purse and throw a few items in before her buzzer was ringing. Glancing at her watch, she saw it was 6:00 p.m. Daniel was on time.

When she arrived downstairs, a chauffeur was waiting beside the limousine. Angela didn’t think the display of wealth was necessary, but she didn’t mind enjoying the benefits tonight.

“Good evening, ma’am.” The driver tipped his hat to her as he opened the door.

Angela climbed inside and was greeted by the sight of Daniel lounging on the backseat. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello, yourself. Have a seat.” There wasn’t much room for her as his large frame took up most of the seat, but he patted the cushion beside him.

It was going to be impossible to ignore Daniel with him sitting so close. He was the kind of man who dominated his surroundings no matter where he was. In the confines of a car, he could be devastating. But what could she do? Reluctantly, Angela slid in next to him. “Where’s Alejandro?”

Daniel chuckled, revealing an even set of gleaming white teeth along with a brilliant smile that made Angela’s toes curl in her heels. “Wouldn’t you know, Alejandro canceled on me at the last minute? Claimed he got unavoidably detained in Brazil and never made it to Miami.”

“That’s a shame. I know how much you wanted to pitch the business.”

Daniel shrugged. “Another opportunity will arise.”

“So…” Angela let the word dangle in the air. “It’s just the two of us, then?”

He turned to her with a devilish grin. “It is indeed. I hope you don’t have a problem with that.”

“Oh no.” Angela shook her head furiously. “Of—of course not, it’s just that…”

“Just that what?”

“It kind of makes this a date.”

“Yeah, it kind of does.”


Daniel didn’t mind in the slightest that Alejandro had canceled their plans for tonight. Why? Because it gave him a legitimate excuse to spend the evening with Angela. Not that he needed one. Whatever Daniel wanted, he went after with gusto.

But he was in uncharted territory, given their working relationship. Yet for once, he was willing to take a risk and see where the night led, instead of being the good guy. Look what it had cost him. Mia. If he’d made his feelings known sooner, perhaps… He shook his head. There was no sense looking backward at the past. He could only look at what was in front of him right now.

When the passenger-side door of the limo opened, Angela exited, and Daniel felt his shaft swell to life. How the hell was he going to get through the night if the mere sight of her curvy backside had him horny?

Very gingerly, he thought as he got out of the vehicle.

The chauffeur dropped them off at the door to the VIP area where Daniel produced his floor tickets on his smartphone. While security checked Angela’s clutch, another staff member slipped a wristband onto Daniel’s wrist and waited for Angela. When they were checked in, Daniel surprised himself and Angela by grasping her hand and leading her down the hall.

Her hand was small and petite, much like Mia’s, but her body was curvier. Killed at twenty-one, Mia had never had a chance to fully develop into her womanhood.

Darn! He hated that his past kept resurfacing tonight. What was it about Angela that brought the memories to life? Or perhaps he wasn’t as over the loss more than a decade later as he thought he was?

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