Miami After Hours - Page 17

“Daniel, darling,” she drawled with a hint of a Southern accent, “please come in.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Wilson,” Daniel replied as he stepped inside the foyer and Angela followed him. Once inside, he turned to her. “I’d like you to meet my associate Angela Trainor. She’ll be partnering with me on this listing.”

The woman’s brow rose. “Partner? I thought you would be representing us.”

“And I will be,” Daniel responded softly. “I’m mentoring Angela on larger listings such as yours. Let me assure you, you will have my expertise at the helm.”

A smile returned to her face and Angela tried not to be offended. She knew she wasn’t as experienced as Daniel, but the disappointment on Mrs. Wilson’s face made it clear that she expected Daniel, and nothing less than the best would do.

“Come, let me show you around,” Mrs. Wilson said as she began walking down the corridor.

“And where is Mr. Wilson?” Daniel asked.

“Oh, he’ll be joining us as soon as he finishes his business call.”

“Of course, lead the way.”

Mrs. Wilson showed them the main level of the home, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The Mediterranean home with its whitewashed walls and red tile roof felt open and spacious. Then again, Angela should have known that Daniel represented only exclusive listings.

Eventually, Mrs. Wilson left them to their own devices and Daniel and Angela were able to walk the grounds at their leisure. Their first stop was the private dock.

“What are your thoughts on marketing strategy?” Angela inquired. She could already see the wheels in his mind turning.

Daniel rubbed his square chin. “I’ll bring in Elyse to handle staging. Then we’ll have to get some new photos of the property showcasing this.” He opened his arms, motioning to the stunning water view.

“And the opening?”

“Has to be big,” Daniel said. “It has to make a splash. Out here on the terrace with nothing but the best food and drink. Then I’m thinking maybe even some kind of entertainment, like a well-known artist.”

Angela’s eyes grew wide. “Really? You have that kind of pull?”

“The name Prescott George does.”

“A private concert will certainly get attention.”

Daniel pointed to her. “That’s exactly what we need.”

Later, after they’d said goodbye to Mrs. Wilson—since her husband never materialized—Daniel threw her a curveball.

“Would you be interested in attending a Heat game with me on Friday? I have floor seats to the playoff game against the Charlotte Hornets,” Daniel said. “I’m taking a buyer I’ve been trying to woo.”

“That must have cost you a mint,” Angela murmured. And the minute she said it, she wished she could take it back. It wasn’t her place to comment on Daniel’s finances or how he chose to run his business.

Instead of saying anything to her, he laughed. “Yeah, it did.” Then he told her about the client, Alejandro Rivera. “I’ve been trying to get his business for some time. He owns homes in Chicago, New York, Dallas and LA. Basically every major metropolitan area. Every time he’s in town, I always try to meet up with him for drinks, dinner, tennis, whatever opportunity I can find to get myself in the door. Yet his business has escaped me.”

“He’s playing hard to get.”

“Yes, which is why Friday night is very important. I’m hoping to finally convince him to sign with Cobb.”

“And you’re hoping a little eye candy will help seal the deal?” Angela mused aloud. She wasn’t unaware of her appearance. Men found her attractive. Desired her, even. She’d seen it. Felt it. Except Daniel was doing his best to dismiss his attraction. If he found it so easy to play cool and unaffected, so could she. At least that’s what she told herself.

“You’re a fantastic agent,” Daniel commented, looking sideways at her.

“But it can’t hurt to have a pair of legs with you.”

Her words caused Daniel’s eyes to momentarily stray from the road and travel from her feet, up her legs and her thighs. From his half smile she could tell he liked everything he saw. His heated perusal caused Angela’s pulse to throb, and her breasts thrust forward in the satin bra she wore, making her nipples scream to be touched. Did Daniel even know how hot he was making her with just one glance? Had he noticed her nipples pucker at his gaze?