How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake 1) - Page 9

The green Honda Accord pulled over to double-park. The Wolfman strode toward it, pulling Shanna with him.

Should she really trust him? Once she got into a car with him, how could she escape? "Who is this Laszlo? Is he Russian?"


"His name doesn't sound very American."

Wolfman lifted a brow as if he found her comment annoying. "He's Hungarian, originally."

"And you?"


"You were born here?"

Now both brows went up. He was definitely annoyed. But he did have a slight accent, and she'd rather be safe than sorry.

The man inside the Honda fumbled around, and the trunk popped open a few inches. Shanna jumped, suddenly remembering there might be a body inside.

"Relax." Wolfman tightened his grip on her.

"Are you kidding?" She tried to jerk away, but her attempt failed miserably. "Don't you have a dead body in there?"

He sighed. "God help me. I suppose I deserve this."

A short man in a white lab coat scrambled out of the green Honda. "Oh, there you are, sir. I came as quickly as I could." He noticed Shanna and fingered a button on his lab coat. "Good evening, miss. You're the dentist?"

"She is." Wolfman glanced over his shoulder. "We're in a hurry, Laszlo."

"Yes, sir." Laszlo opened the back door and leaned inside. "I'll get Vanna out of your way." He straightened, dragging a woman's naked body from the backseat.

Shanna gasped.

Wolfman clapped a hand over her mouth. "She's not real."

Shanna struggled to escape, but he pulled her against his chest and held tight.

"Look at her, Shanna. She's a toy, a human-sized toy."

Laszlo noticed her distress. "He's right, miss. She's not real." He pulled the wig off her head, then plopped it back on.

Oh God. Her Wolfman was not a killer. He was a pervert.

She elbowed Wolfman in the stomach, and catching him by surprise, she managed to pull away from his grasp.

"Shanna." He made a grab for her, and she jumped back.

"Stay away from me, you pervert."


She pointed at the doll that Laszlo was shoving into the trunk. "Any man with a toy like that has got to be a pervert."

Wolfman blinked. "It.. it's not my car."

"And it's not your toy?"

"No." He glanced back. "Shit!" He seized her and shoved her toward the car. "Get in."

"Why?" She grabbed each side of the doorway and locked her elbows. This was the maneuver that always worked in the cartoons when a cat didn't want to be pushed into a tub of water.

Wolfman moved to her side, blocking her view. "A black car is turning onto this street. We can't let them see you."

A black car? Black sedan or green Honda. Those appeared to be her choices. God help her that she was making the right decision. She climbed into the backseat of the Honda Accord and set her purse on the floor. She looked out the back window, but couldn't see a black car. Laszlo still had the trunk up.

"Hurry, Laszlo! We've got to go." Wolfman got in beside her and shut the door. He glanced out the back window.

Laszlo slammed the trunk shut.

"Shit." Wolfman grabbed Shanna by the shoulders and pushed her down.

"Aagh!" It all happened so fast. A whoosh of air and then, wham, her nose was pressed flat against scratchy black denim. Oh, great, she was facedown in his lap. Her nostrils filled with the scent of he-man and fresh soap. Or was that laundry detergent? She struggled to sit up, but he held her down.

"Sorry, but our windows aren't tinted, and I can't risk them seeing you."

The engine started, and they were on the move. She felt the car vibrating around her, his jeans giving her a full facial massage.

She wiggled until her nose and mouth found a pocket of air. After a few deep breaths, she realized her precious pocket of air was the crevice between his legs. Wonderful. She was doing heavy breathing on his crotch.

"The black car is following us." Laszlo sounded worried.

"I know." Wolfman sounded annoyed. "Take the next right."

Shanna attempted to roll onto her side, but the car made a turn, and she lost her balance. She fell against Wolfman, the back of her head bumping against his zipper. Oops. Maybe he hadn't noticed. She wiggled forward, moving her head away from his groin.

"Is there a purpose for all this activity?"

Oh dear. He had noticed. "I - I couldn't breathe." She squirmed onto her shoulder and curled her legs up so she was lying on her side with her cheek against his thighs.

The car suddenly halted. Shanna slid back and knocked against his zipper once again.

He winced.

"Sorry." Jeez. First she'd given him the knee. Now she was a head banger. How much abuse could a guy take in one evening? She inched her head forward again.

"Sorry, sir," Laszlo said. "The light just turned red all of a sudden."

"I understand." Wolfman laid a hand lightly on Shanna's head. "Could you stop wiggling, please?"

"Sir, they're pulling up beside us!"

"That's all right. Let them take a good look. They'll only see two men."

"What should I do now?" Laszlo asked. "Go straight or turn?"

"Make a left turn at the next intersection. We'll see if they follow us then."

"Yes, sir." Laszlo was beginning to sound ill. "You know, I'm not trained for this sort of thing. Maybe we should call for Connor or Ian."

"You're doing fine. That reminds me." Wolfman lifted his hips.

Shanna gasped and grabbed his knees to keep steady. The muscles in his thighs bunched and rippled beneath her cheek. Oh, Lordy, what a thrill ride.

"Here." He lowered his hips back onto the seat. "I had your damned phone in my back pocket."

"Oh." She shifted onto her back so she could see. The car lurched forward, and she rolled into his groin, nose against his zipper.

"Sorry," she murmured, and scooted away.

"No.. problem." He dropped the phone on the car seat. "I don't think you should use it. If they know your number, they can trace any call you make and find your location."

He moved his hand to her shoulder, probably hoping to keep her from rolling around.

The car swerved left. Luckily, she slid only a fraction down his thighs this time. "Are they still following us?" she asked.

"1 don't see them." Laszlo sounded excited.

"Let's not celebrate just yet." Wolfman looked from side to side. "Drive around a bit more to make sure."

"Yes, sir. Shall we go to your home or the lab?"

"What lab?" Shanna attempted to sit up.

Wolfman tightened his grip on her shoulder and forced her back down. "Stay put. This isn't over yet."

Great. She was beginning to suspect he enjoyed manhandling her. "Okay. What lab?"

He glanced down at her. "Romatech Industries."

"Oh, I've heard of them."

He raised a brow. "You have?"

"Of course. They've saved millions of lives with their artificial b-blood. Is that where you work?"

"Yes, we both work there."

Shanna breathed a sigh of relief. "That's wonderful. Then, you're into saving lives, not.. destroying them."

"That is our wish, yes."

"You never introduced yourself. I can't keep calling you Wolfman."

His brows shot up. "I told you. I am not a werewolf."

"You have a wolf's tooth in your pocket."

"It's part of an experiment. Like the doll in the trunk."

"Oh." Shanna turned her head toward the front seat. "Is that what you're working on, Laszlo?"

"Yes, miss. The doll is one of my current experiments. Nothing to be alarmed about."

"Well, that's a relief." Shanna smiled. "I'd hate to think I was driving around with a couple of perverts." She turned back to Wolfman, but her nose grazed his zipper. Oops. His pants hadn't stuck out that far before.

She scooted back an inch. "Maybe I should sit up now."

"It's not safe."

Right. And she was safe one inch from his growing crotch. Obviously, her earlier attack on his groin had not caused any lasting damage. Wolfman was well on his way to a full recovery. Very full. "So, what is your name?"