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“We’ll discuss that later; right now everyone else is way overdressed.”

“Anita and I will change, and let you guys have some alone time.” Nathaniel took my hand and started leading us toward the bathroom and J.J., shining in the doorway.

“Sounds good,” she said, and moved so we had room to move past her. We closed the door to the sound of her laughter and the low murmur of Jason’s voice.

Nathaniel had chosen a black teddy and a pair of black strappy stiletto heels. The teddy was sheer, so that once I fluffed my breasts into the top part, my nipples pressed against the thin material, and when I turned around using the mirror to see behind me, let’s just say it was one of those pieces of lingerie that pretended you weren’t nude, but made sure you could see everything, just through a gauze of black sheer.

“I’d have picked something a little less see-through,” I said.

“I know, but you won’t mind if Jason tears this one off you, and you’d bitch if he tore the silk ones.”

“Oh, yeah, we did negotiate that he could tear the clothes off my back.”

“You say that like you don’t enjoy it, and you do.”

I looked away from the mirror so I couldn’t watch myself get embarrassed. It was bad enough feeling it; didn’t need the visual.

Nathaniel hugged me from behind and turned me so I could see us both in the mirror. “You look fabulous, and you’re just competitive enough to want them both to have the same look on their faces as we did for J.J. when you come through the door.”

That embarrassed me, too, but for different reasons. “I’m not competitive with Jade.”

“You’re sleeping with Jade.”

“I’m not competitive with Envy.”

“No, that’s true, which is a little weird, actually.”


“Because she’s five-eleven, mostly legs, and traditionally model gorgeous; that would sort of freak out most women.”

I shrugged with his arms still wrapped around me. “Her inseam is six inches longer than mine. We’re built so differently that it’d be ridiculous to compare us, like making a Clydesdale and a Thoroughbred racehorse race each other. They’re both horses, but that’s about it.”

He laughed, hugged me, and kissed my cheek. “That is the healthiest analogy I’ve ever heard from any girl. You really don’t compare yourself to other people?”

“Not to women who are too different from my body type, no. That wouldn’t make any sense. I did it more when I was younger, but I finally realized that trying to compare myself to women who are built tall and leggy is like trying to compete in the gym with the guys who were six feet plus—it’s outside my weight limit. I’m a bantam and they’re heavyweights, or in the old vaudeville terms for showgirls, Envy is a stallion and I’m a pony. Neither one is better than the other, they’re just different.”

“Difference can be good.”

I nodded, smiling. “It can, and I’m not comparing myself to J.J. either, because she’s a ballerina and her body is from some of the most strenuous exercise on the planet. She’s a professional athlete; I work out to run away from the bad guys.”

“Or chase them down,” he said.

“Or that,” I said.

“I compare myself to the other dancers, and some of the other men.”

I turned so I could look directly at him, rather than at his reflection. “Are you saying you have body issues?”

He shrugged. “A little.”

“You are one of the most beautiful men I know, and one of the best lovers ever; how can you have body issues?”

“I strip on stage, Anita. I get customers talking about my body in person and online; it’s hard not to be self-conscious.”

“So, me pointing out you’re beautiful doesn’t really help you work the issue,” I said.

“No, because the issue isn’t about logic, or even reality; it’s an issue that’s about illogic, and emotions, and the negative voices in everyone’s head.”

“Everyone has their issues, I guess.”

He nodded, and then smiled. “But tonight, we get to have sex in the same room as Jason and J.J., and that totally rocks.”

I turned and patted his shoulder. “You are my little voyeur.”

“No, I’m your great big voyeur; it is one of my major kinks.”

“You’re a pretty big exhibitionist, too,” I said.

“Yep, and tonight we get to do both. Let me change, and let’s go do this.”

“You have no qualms about this, do you?”

“If anyone can help J.J. feel comfortable with all this, it’s us.”

I nodded, because it was reasonable, even logical, but . . . “I’m not a voyeur, or an exhibitionist.”

“Not really, but you are two things that will make this work.”

“What two things?”

“Jason’s friend and lover.”

“You got me there,” I said.

He started taking off his clothes, and I turned around so I wouldn’t be distracted as he stripped. Him undressing always seemed to make me want to touch him, and tonight we needed to save the distracting touching for group activity. Just thinking that in my head was a little weird. My life; sometimes it amazed me, sometimes it just made me go Huh?


BUT INSTEAD OF hot monkey sex, we ended up talking. J.J. didn’t know me well enough not to ask one question too many. She asked, “What bothers you most about dating Jade?”

It was a list, and the itemized list changed order from day to day. I lay propped up on my side in my see-through black teddy and fuck-me heels talking very seriously. J.J. lay on her back in her blue silk nightie, face intent on mine, listening, nodding, adding a comment here and there.

“So without the ardeur binding you to her, you’d never have been attracted to women¸ at all?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Nope.”

“That would be hard, and the memories you have of Jean-Claude and others being with women are all guy memories, so you don’t have the equipment to do what you remember.”


Her pretty face was very serious, and watching the intelligence behind her blue eyes made me understand even more why Jason had decided this was the one. Smart is sexy.

“Too much talking, not enough sex,” Jason said, from where he was propped beside J.J.

From behind me Nathaniel said, “Agreed.”

“How do we stop all the talking and get to the sex?” Jason asked.

I lay back on the bed so I could see them both. J.J. and I watched them go back and forth like a sexy tennis match.

“Pounce,” Nathaniel said.

“Pounce?” Jason made it a question with a lift of his voice.

Nathaniel nodded solemnly. “Pounce.”

“Cats”—he rolled his eyes—“but it works for me.”

They pounced.


MUCH LAUGHTER AND giggling later, the boys convinced us both that words were extras we didn’t need. I lay on my back, looking down the line of my body at Nathaniel’s face as he licked between my legs with long, sweeping strokes of his tongue. He’d unfastened the hidden snap on the teddy to reach me, pushing the cloth up to my waist. J.J. lay beside me with her blue silk pushed up as far, and Jason’s face mostly hidden against her body.

I was already making small, eager noises when J.J.’s body spasmed up from the bed as if a string had pulled her upward and held her for a long, impossible moment, her face slack, eyes wide, and then her body began to shake with the force of her orgasm.

Nathaniel hesitated a second, as we both watched her writhe and almost dance over the bed, as Jason kissed and sucked her. Nathaniel brought his longer strokes quicker and more often over that one sweet spot. J.J.’s hand reached out and I found myself holding her hand as that warmth built low in my body, and Nathaniel began to swirl his tongue in nearly circular motions, quick, but pressing a little more firmly over that one spot, each time he licked over it. The pressure and warmth built inside me, low and growing between my legs, until one last lick pushed me over the edge and the orgasm rolled up and over me. My head went back, my spine bowed, and I screamed my pleasure to the headboard.

I felt J.J.’s hand spasm in mine, but it was a distant thing. I clung to her hand as my body bucked and writhed, and Nathaniel kept licking and sucking, helping the orgasm last longer, so that it was wave after wave of pleasure, until my eyes fluttered closed and I was blind from the pleasure of it.

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